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Hiding Value

Hiding Value

Brands can mean a major discount in the value of hides.

Sara Gugelmeyer

Hereford World

Branding calves isn’t just a way of identifying cattle: it’s a Western tradition. However, National Beef staff members are asking beef producers to ponder how a brand can affect the quality of a hide.

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Generic vs Name Brand Ivermectins

Generic vs Name Brand Ivermectins

Richard Randle, Associate Professor, Vet & Biomedical Sciences, University of Nebraska

The data tells us that there is no difference between generic brands of Ivomec and the brand name product.

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SGBI Names Executive Director

SGBI Names Executive Director

Southern Livestock Standard

After a long and thorough search process, Santa Gertrudis Breeders International has announced that John E. Ford is the new SGBI Executive Director.

The search committee is confident that this qualified appointee has the skill set, background and drive to help the association continue to thrive and flourish in this technology-driven era.

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Good Crazing Management Can Benefit Stockers

Good Crazing Management Can Benefit Stockers

Holly T. Boland

Cattle Today

Practicing good grazing management strategies can be very beneficial to a stocker operation. Pastureland that has been managed appropriately will be more productive for a longer period of time, have higher forage quality, and forage waste will be reduced.

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Consider mineral supplements for your cow/calf operation

Consider mineral supplements for your cow/calf operation

Sara Thissen

The Cattle Business Weekly

According to several polls referenced during a recent Agri-Best webinar, many cattle producers utilize commercial mineral products and rely on assistance from their local feed dealer to develop a mineral-feeding program.

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Expect New Leadership for Senate Ag Committee

Expect New Leadership for Senate Ag Committee

Hoosier AG Today

  As a result of next Tuesday’s elections, the Republicans are expected to take control of the U.S. House and many believe the Democrats will remain in control of the U.S. Senate, thus splitting control of Congress.

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Climate Change Has Chance in Lame-Duck Session

Climate Change Has Chance in Lame-Duck Session


Climate change legislation could be passed during the outgoing Congress’ lame-duck session that starts November 15 – but only if enough retiring senators no longer worried about re-election make a very unlikely switch to vote in favor of curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

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NCBA president says GIPSA rule could set back beef industry 50 years

NCBA president says GIPSA rule could set back beef industry 50 years


Cattle produces aren’t the only ones who could take an economic hit if new regulations, proposed by USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyard Administration (GIPSA), are added to the Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921.

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Backgrounding Calves – From the Ground Up

Backgrounding Calves – From the Ground Up


There are two different types of beef cattle operations, and both are found here in the Brazos Valley. One is supported by a cow herd is that is bred to produce calves that will ultimately become beef.

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Wyoming to test 3,000 cattle

Wyoming to test 3,000 cattle

Great Falls Tribune

The state is planning to test up to 3,000 cattle in northern Wyoming for brucellosis..

The testing began Wednesday after preliminary tests indicated the disease was found in three cows in a Park County herd.

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