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Cull Cows: Opportunities to Add to the Bottom Line

Cull Cows: Opportunities to Add to the Bottom Line

Lorie Woodward Cantu

The Cattleman

"Many producers choose to dispose of these animals as quickly and easily as possible, without giving much thought to increasing their salvage value," says Carl Homeyer, state agriculture economist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Temple. "This can be a mistake because cull animals can represent 10 percent to 20 percent of a cow-calf operation’s annual gross revenue."

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Good Doin’ Cattle

Good Doin’ Cattle

Angie Stump Denton

Hereford World

For more than a century, Wiese & Sons has been raising problem-free Hereford bulls and females that are selected to be efficient, profitable beef cattle.

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Figuring the Odds on Preconditioning

Figuring the Odds on Preconditioning

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

If you pull calves off their dams and load them up without weaning or vaccinations, you might feel it’s the cheap way out. But the odds are against you.

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Vitamin D Didn’t Stop Toughening

Vitamin D Didn’t Stop Toughening

Stephen Hammack

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Zilmax® (zilpaterol hydrochloride) is often fed at the end of finishing periods because of its favorable effects on performance and carcass leanness, but there are often unfavorable effects on tenderness.

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Farmers, Ranchers Faced With Ergot Issues This Summer

Farmers, Ranchers Faced With Ergot Issues This Summer

Beef Producer

Cool, wet spring has farmers on the lookout for ergot and symptoms of ergot poisoning in livestock and beef herds.

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Proponents of grass-fed beef say it’s healthier

Proponents of grass-fed beef say it’s healthier

Bill Bowman

Asbury Park Press

Danny Murphy is sold on grass-fed beef.

So much so that Murphy, owner of Danny’s Grill in Red Bank, will soon expand his restaurant’s current offering of grass-fed New York strip and rib eye steaks to include filet mignon and chuck hamburger.

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New Oklahoma Cattlemen Association leader optimistic about state cattle future

New Oklahoma Cattlemen Association leader optimistic about state cattle future

Vic Schoonover         

Southwest Farm Press

Michael Kelsey intends to put his brand on the issues challenging Oklahoma cattlemen. Drought affects cattlemen today just as it did when their great grandpas moved cattle by horseback from one range to another.

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