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10 ‘Good News’ Beef Industry Headlines from 2009

10 ‘Good News’ Beef Industry Headlines from 2009

Kindra Gordon and Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

What better way to close 2009 than on a positive note – reflecting on some of the news headlines throughout the year that were good news for the U.S. beef industry. The commonality with many of these success stories centers on beef producers being proactive and working together to ensure a better and brighter future for all livestock producers.

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Inside the Labels

Inside the Labels


The Cattleman

Glance through the meat counter at the local supermarket and you’ll notice a lot of different claims on the labels. Even the word "natural" can mean many different things, and how does it differ from meat designated "organic"? Ever wonder if your cattle might already fit one of those claims, or what would be required to market them in that way?

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Speaking out for the beef industry

Speaking out for the beef industry

Greg Lardy

Tri State Livestock News

Over the past couple of years, and certainly over the past few months, there has been an increase in the number of media reports with inaccurate, misleading and, in some cases, untruthful information regarding agriculture and the beef industry. Topics have ranged from greenhouse gas emissions to food safety to human health.

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Bull and burgers: mincing their words

Bull and burgers: mincing their words

Michael Pascoe

Business Day (AU)

Hats off to the year’s most spectacular marketing success, or con job, depending which way you care to look at it: the rise and rise of the Angus beef brand via the lowly means of fast food hamburger mince.

McDonald’s and now Hungry Jack’s have pushed beyond the  marketing aphorism, “sell the sizzle, not the steak”, by flogging a vague and arguably uninformed concept of the sizzle.

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State’s bovine TB effort looks positive

State’s bovine TB effort looks positive

Custer County Chief

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) announced June 1, 2009, that a cow from a Rock County beef herd had tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.  A second cow from that herd later also tested positive for the disease. 

Since that time, NDA has been conducting an epidemiological investigation, which involves locating any cattle that may have been pastured next to the initial affected herd during the past two years, as well as tracing cattle movement into and out of that herd.

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McLaughlin Farm – home of Highland cattle

McLaughlin Farm – home of Highland cattle

Corinna Borden

John and Cathie McLaughlin, of McLaughlin Farm, are mainstays of the Westside Farmers’ Market and the Okemos Market. This past summer, I was lucky enough to take home one of their steaks for my grilling husband to throw onto the fire. The grass fed Highland Beef was saturated with flavor with a captivating almost gamey depth.

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Cattle Tales Connect with Customers

Cattle Tales Connect with Customers

Cattle Today

Cattlemen tell stories in a lot of ways — across a fence gate, over coffee at the feed store, through the pickup window or atop a good horse in the back of the ropin’ pen. Now, producers focused on quality can also tell their stories on the Internet.

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