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Crossbreeding “Revisited”

Crossbreeding “Revisited”

Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

As I travel around the Commonwealth (and across the U.S. for that matter), there is renewed enthusiasm for crossbreeding among cow-calf producers.  The benefits of crossbreeding systems in the beef sector have been extensively researched over the years, and the practical implications of the benefits of crossbreeding are as relevant and important today as they were 25 years ago.

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Pfizer Animal Genetics Now Running Contractual Arachnodactyly (Fawn Calf) Test

Pfizer Animal Genetics Now Running Contractual Arachnodactyly (Fawn Calf) Test

Bovine Veterinarian

Pfizer Animal Genetics is now accepting samples for Contractual Arachnodactyly (CA) testing. CA is a genetic condition formerly referred to as Fawn Calf Syndrome. Through the collaboration with Dr. Jon Beever at the University of Illinois and the American Angus Association (AAA), the gene mutation responsible for CA has been identified and a commercial test developed and validated. Pfizer Animal Genetics is approved by the American Angus Association as a CA testing laboratory.

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Minnesota Beef Expo has something for everyone and every age

Minnesota Beef Expo has something for everyone and every age


Minnesota Farm Guide

The Minnesota Beef Expo is just around the corner and offers a great chance for cattlemen, cattle women and youth to gather, celebrate and promote the beef industry.

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Producers told to ‘Heed the Power of Today’s Instantaneous Communications’

Producers told to ‘Heed the Power of Today’s Instantaneous Communications’

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

The growing influence of social media is something beef producers “can’t afford to ignore,” said Charlie Powell, as he addressed the more than 600 Angus producers attending the National Angus Conference Sept. 15 in Bozeman, Mont. Powell has a 20-year career as the senior public information officer for Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

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Coyotes and Wolves Targeting More Cattle

Coyotes and Wolves Targeting More Cattle

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Brent Tanner has seen just how adaptable and wily coyotes are first-hand. He recalls one male who learned how to separate a calf from the herd, run it down into a canal, corner it near a head gate and eat it.

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GIPSA Rule: Animal Welfare Concerns

GIPSA Rule: Animal Welfare Concerns


The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration’s (GIPSA) proposed rule on livestock marketing poses concerns to animal welfare, according to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

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Steve Cornett:  That Can’t Do Attitude

Steve Cornett:  That Can’t Do Attitude

Beef Today

There are different ways to approach a challenge. Any challenge.

I had a high school age hired hand helping me clean junk one summer. Stout kid; outweighed me 30 pounds probably. I’m a little scrawny guy and even then I was old. But what we found was that when we were moving junk, just lifting stuff, I could lift more than he could.

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