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Video Feature: Implanting Cattle Properly

Video Feature:  Implanting Cattle Properly

Matt Claeys, Beef Extension Specialist, Purdue University, illustrates the proper method for implanting beef cattle.

Need for Marker-Assisted EPDs

Need for Marker-Assisted EPDs

Matt Spangler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Currently, bull buyers have a plethora of information from which to make selection decisions. Open up a sale or semen catalog and you’ll be quickly overwhelmed with actual and adjusted measurements, ratios, EPDs, economic index values, and perhaps now the results of DNA marker tests.

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Industry Counts on Stockers to Ensure Cattle Quality

Industry Counts on Stockers to Ensure Cattle Quality

Cattle Today

Genetics were selected years ago; calving and weaning are complete, so the next place that really matters in the beef production chain is the feedlot. Right?

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Misconceptions of Drug Use in Livestock Production

Misconceptions of Drug Use in Livestock Production

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Dr. Marianne Ash, Director of Biosecurity and Emergency Planning for the Indiana Board Of Animal Health, was raised on a livestock farm in Carroll County, IN. She understands how livestock producers use antibiotics, something she says most consumers and policy makes do not understand, “They do not appreciate that, in livestock production, producers do everything they can not to use antibiotics because they are expensive.”

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Improve digestibility of silage

Improve digestibility of silage

The Cattle Business Weekly

Making silage under optimum conditions in recent seasons has become more of a challenge with muddy field conditions, fewer heat degrees and custom choppers who need to harvest a lot of acres. Nutrient-robbing molds and yeasts proliferate when chopping conditions are less than ideal.

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Now That´s Rural Warren Weibert – Decatur County Feedyard

Now That´s Rural Warren Weibert – Decatur County Feedyard

The Westerner

What happens when cattle meet computers? That sounds like one of my kid´s riddles. Actually, it could be a way of describing a scientific process for evaluating and managing cattle that is being used by an innovative beef feedyard in rural northwest Kansas.

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How do you treat your beer?

How do you treat your beer?

Clint Peck


Try leaving your beer sitting in your truck in the hot sun for a few hours before consuming it. Likely, even after it’s cooled down the beer’s already gone “skunky.” Your friends are mad at you and you’ll have to make another trip to town to get more refreshments.

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