Telling the Beef Industry’s Story to an Often Skeptical Public

Telling the Beef Industry’s Story to an Often Skeptical Public

The Beef Roundtable

Beef producers work hard every day to be good stewards of the land and their livestock so they can produce a safe, wholesome beef product that provides consumers with a great eating experience. Today we’re going to talk about telling the beef industry story to an often skeptical public.

BudBoxes vs. Tub Systems: Which is Easier to Use?

BudBoxes vs. Tub Systems: Which is Easier to Use?

Whit Hibbard 

On Pasture

When asked about the differences between tubs and BudBoxes, Temple Grandin claims that BudBoxes are skill dependent, whereas the tubs are not. In other words, she believes that it takes less stockmanship skill to operate a tub than a BudBox. The implication is that tubs are preferable to BudBoxes because they are easier to operate.

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DNA Collection:  Speed Up Tissue Sampling

DNA Collection:  Speed Up Tissue Sampling


When profiling cattle, it’s important to record an animal’s ID and correctly match it with the DNA sample. In the real world of handling cattle, with many things happening at once, mistakes can happen. It’s not uncommon to find animal IDs have been mislabeled, blood or hair samples have been cross-contaminated or DNA test cards have been blown into the mud and muck.

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Using genomics to make better breeding decisions

Using genomics to make better breeding decisions

Shelby Mettlen

The Cattle Business Weekly

The last 10 years have been an exciting time to explore genomics, says Ben Hayes, leader of the “1,000 Bull Genomes Project” in Australia. With more than 3.5 million cattle genotyped using genomic-estimated breeding values (EBVs) around the world, cattlemen have access to the greatest degree of precision breeding the industry has seen.

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Feeding the World–Part 1

Feeding the World–Part 1

Ashley Garrelts

Writing on the Range

Last week I started to research the different types of agriculture technology for an educational presentation.  This eventually led to reading many articles and opinions on how agriculture will need to change to feed a growing population.  The current projection is that by 2050,  the world’s population will increase by 35% and to feed that population crop production will need to double.

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Want the most value for your bull-buying dollar? Broaden your view

Want the most value for your bull-buying dollar? Broaden your view

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

“Go into the sale with a bigger window of bulls and be willing to open up the price window,” says Mary Lou Bradley-Henderson of Bradley 3 Ltd. at Memphis, Texas.

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Critical temps challenge cattle producers

Critical temps challenge cattle producers

Midwest Marketer

The heat of summer can be a challenge for cattle producers, but the cold, wet and wind of winter and early spring can cause headaches that can’t be matched.

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