Effort to Increase Marbling Without Increasing Overall Fatness

Effort to Increase Marbling Without Increasing Overall Fatness

George Watson


The desire to find the juiciest piece of beef, be it a steak or ribs or roast, isn’t limited to just the restaurant and how it is seasoned or cooked. It starts well before that. It begins when the cattle are still alive, still being raised and fed, and how and what they are fed.

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Business Basics for Beginners

Business Basics for Beginners

Barb Baylor Anderson

Angus Journal

If you’re just getting started in the Angus business, consider the decisions you must make to get off on the right foot. A financial plan is one of them. Informed financial management provides a solid foundation for making the best choices regarding purchases, sales, cash flow and more

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Beef Improvement Association Makes Available Vast Research for Beef Producers

Beef Improvement Association Makes Available Vast Research for Beef Producers

Patrick Doyle, Ph.D.

California Cattleman

Technology advances at ludicrous speed these days. I remember when ,we mailed cattle registrations, waited for the printed semen catalogs, and ,waited days for ‘snail’ mail responses. If you wanted research a topic, you had to go to a library, an actual brick and mortar building, and locate the card catalog, essentially a dresser full of index cards alphabetized by subject headings. On the card, you’d 6nd the book title, author and book location (Dewey Decimal system) in the library that related to your search. Personally, I don’t miss those days. As an educator, it is nice to have today’s information at a touch of a button.
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Succeeding with the Beef Quality Assurance Program

Succeeding with the Beef Quality Assurance Program

Emily Horton

Beefmaster Payweight

“The Beef Quality Assurance program helps keep the industry as a whole on the same page, from the cow-calf producers through stocker operators up to the feedlot,” said Chris Hargis, Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified Beefmaster breeder. Hargis is a fifth generation rancher and a third-generation Beefmaster breeder in Waurika, Oklahoma.

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The Future of Business Intelligence in the Beef Industry

The Future of Business Intelligence in the Beef Industry

Dustin Aherin

The Profit Picture

Business intelligence ( BI) refers to the act of gathering, managing, analyzing, and refining   business-related data into actionable information. Typically BI incorporates technology infrastructure or easy data collection with statistical methods and graphical representation to condense a mass of data into a readily interpretable form. Most all major companies utilize BI for both tactical and strategic decision-making through either an in-house team or outside consultants. The beef industry’s application of such methodology varies across entities and industry segments with the ability to apply technology often arising as the limiting factor.

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New standards exist for bull BSEs

New standards exist for bull BSEs

Alan Newport

The Beef Vet

If you haven’t had training in the last two years on breeding soundness exams for bulls, it might be time for an upgrade. The Society for Theriogenology in the last few months has accepted some changes that should make BSEs more accurate and potentially more useful to both veterinarian and client.

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Cattle ranchers launching Better with Beef initiative

Cattle ranchers launching Better with Beef initiative


The Daily Sentinel

“Better With Beef” is a joint effort led by the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and the Colorado Livestock Association and launched last week. The announcement came shortly after many in the cattle industry were rattled by news that Gov. Jared Polis had encouraged the state’s Department of Agriculture to look at meatless options.

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