Mark Parker:   The Top 10 farm wife suggestions for a happy marriage

Mark Parker:   The Top 10 farm wife suggestions for a happy marriage


  1. When sorting cattle, be more specific than, “Hold the black one.”
    9.    “A little late,” means less than an hour — anything more and you know where the microwave is.

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‘As fed’ or ‘dry matter’ — does it matter?

‘As fed’ or ‘dry matter’ — does it matter?

John McKinnon

Canadian Cattleman

When I visit with beef producers about their feeding program, I often sense confusion when I talk feed dry matter (DM) values or express intakes on a DM basis. Most producers, when they think of their feeding program, think “as fed” and have difficulty converting to DM.

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Be an educated consumer when purchasing bulls

Be an educated consumer when purchasing bulls

The Fence Post

For many, this is the time of year when bull purchasing decisions occur. Before you buy a bull, consider what you need to improve.

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Manage Pastures Carefully to Make the Most of Winter Grazing

Manage Pastures Carefully to Make the Most of Winter Grazing
Cattle Today
Imagine cattle herds grazing tall, nutrient-rich grasses year-round, with no worry of snow cover or dormancy. Although this utopic scenario sounds pretty great, it’s just too good to be true here in cow country, U.S.A.

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Good Temperament is a Key to Profitability

Good Temperament is a Key to Profitability

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

There are two ways to get a really good herd of cows. If your pockets are deep enough, you buy a lot of great females all at one time. Your job at that point is to avoid messing them up. The other way is to continually reinvest profits into expansion and improvement for tomorrow. It’s slow. It’s thoughtful. And, it works for Tennessee’s Woolfolk family.

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Beef Checkoff Dollars Funding New Research

Beef Checkoff Dollars Funding New Research


The beef industry in Iowa is a billion dollar business. The state is home to nearly four million head of cattle across 28,000 operations. Despite that, research and promotion options are limited at the national level, so a referendum reinstated a checkoff geared to better fund Iowa beef. Iowa producers started funding cattle and beef promotion in March of 2017 through the 50 cent per head Iowa Beef Checkoff. In its annual report, the Iowa Beef Industry Council got about three million dollars from state and federal checkoffs.

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Weaning time: A ‘house of horrors’ for young calves

Weaning time: A ‘house of horrors’ for young calves

Blaine Corners

Progressive Cattleman

Come weaning time, there’s a seemingly never-ending house of horrors awaiting young calves. But rather than ghosts and goblins, weaned calves face frightening new surroundings. This can include unfamiliar feed, new water sources, exposure to different cattle and harmful pathogens, and increased stress. Without proper care, sending a recently weaned calf into the next segment of the cattle industry is like sending a toddler into a haunted house alone.

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