Baxter Black, DVM:  Timed Event Man

Baxter Black, DVM:  Timed Event Man

In the world of rodeo, cowboys usually fall into one of two categories; rough stock riders or timed event men.

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Score to Boost Conception Rates

Score to Boost Conception Rates

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

If replacement heifers are the future of a strong beef herd, good conception rates are confirmation the best available heifers were selected for the breeding season. What if there was one easy-to-get number that could tell a producer 30 days out which heifers are most likely to conceive?

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Let’s talk big picture: Why do you ranch?

Let’s talk big picture: Why do you ranch?

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

“To be outside with nature, horses, without a care in the world; what I wouldn’t give for that life.” I just smiled and said that I was indeed pretty fortunate. Seems that she was on her fourth career in less than 10 years, and mentioned that was just the way of the world.

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Beware of Grazing Tall Fescue During Hot Months

Beware of Grazing Tall Fescue During Hot Months

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Rain in July is normally good news for pastures. But if you’re grazing tall fescue, beware. Cool-season grasses usually go dormant in July, but rains this year kept grass growing. That means livestock farmers must be alert to heat stress added by toxins in the lush grass.

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Keys to a successful estrus synchronization and AI program

Keys to a successful estrus synchronization and AI program


Although artificial insemination is the most powerful tool available for genetic improvement, cow calf producers have been slow to adopt this technology due to the time and labor associated with estrous detection and a market structure that until recently has not provided an incentive to cow calf producers for genetic improvement.

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Fall cover crop grazing basics

Fall cover crop grazing basics

Jerry Lindquist

Michigan State University

Annual cover crop mixtures can make very nutritious and economical grazing crops for spring, summer, fall and early winter grazing in Michigan. Fall grazing is especially beneficial as it fills the gap as pasture grasses become dormant.

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WOTUS Pitfalls Loom

WOTUS Pitfalls Loom

Todd Neeley


As the waters of the United States rule remains tied up in federal court, a Houston-based attorney who handles Clean Water Act cases said Wednesday farmers should remain vigilant about whether work they do on the land is exempt from the law.

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