Raising high-health calves increases profitability for cattlemen

Raising high-health calves increases profitability for cattlemen

Kayla M. Wilkins

Hereford World

Producing high-health calves for the feedlot is a viable way for today’s cattlemen to ensure maximum profitability on their operation. At National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Cattlemen’s College, Mark Hilton, DVM, Purdue University, says producers can significantly increase their bottom line by simply utilizing some precautionary management techniques. He says there is a preconceived notion as to what degree health is important in a feedlot situation, but it should be on the top of each producer’s list. “If that calf gets sick, the chances of profit on that calf are reduced severely,” he explains.

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Focus on cattle health as BRD season approaches

Focus on cattle health as BRD season approaches

Beef Magazine

While the cooler weather that fall brings is welcome relief from summer’s heat, the fall season also brings the greatest incidence of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD). Producers need to take steps now to weather the BRD storm. BRD is a major problem for cattle and continues to cause serious economic losses for producers, causing up to $1 billion in losses each year in the United States alone.

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Cloning beef cattle for meat quality sparks debate

Cloning beef cattle for meat quality sparks debate

Eric Mortenson

Capital Press

Ty Lawrence still talks about it as his “lightbulb” moment. He was in a Texas slaughterhouse in 2010 when two absolutely beautiful beef carcasses rolled by. Each was the pinnacle of USDA grading: “Prime” and “Yield Grade One.”

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VQA Cattle Adds Value to Virginia Cattle Market

VQA Cattle Adds Value to Virginia Cattle Market

Jason Carter

Lancaster Farming

Each August, prior to the fall run of feeder cattle in Virginia sale barns, is the run of Virginia Quality Assured feeder cattle through the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association-sponsored Tel O Auction and board sales. Many local producer groups cooperate each year to sell these weaned and preconditioned calves that are underpinning Virginia’s reputation as a source of quality genetics and performance.

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Newly received stocker calves need good nutrition

Newly received stocker calves need good nutrition

Dana Zook

The Enid News

Stress is the principal factor affecting the health of newly weaned or shipped stocker calves.  Just imagine a kindergarten student riding the bus to school the first day. This student will experience new food, activities and people. Some of these kids are excited for their first day but some of them are just plain mad. These kids will have an adjustment period, but if things go smoothly their first couple days away from home, things will go well from there on out. 

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Improving Your Herds Response to Vaccines

Improving Your Herds Response to Vaccines

Robert Fears

The Cattleman

Improving vaccine response can result in heathier cattle and better economic returns from the herd. Due to benefits from vaccine response improvement, an in-depth discussion on the subject was led by Larry Hollis, D.V.M., beef cattle health management consultant, at the 2016 Cattle Raisers Convention. The following information was largely taken from Hollis’ presentation.

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Add Inoculants to Help Improve Silage Quantity, Quality – Feedlot Magazine

Add Inoculants to Help Improve Silage Quantity, Quality – Feedlot Magazine

Feedlot Magazine

“It pays to focus on producing silage that is maximized both in terms of quantity and quality,” says Renato Schmidt, Ph.D., Forage Products Specialist, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “Focusing on good silage management practices helps producers reduce dry matter losses and increase retention of important nutrients that contribute to robust growth and health.”

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