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Baxter Black, DVM: Three Flat

Baxter Black, DVM:  Three Flat

Now everyone I ever knew that did much work with stock has spent some time in practice throwin’ houlihans at rocks.

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Roberts announces resignation as CEO of NCBA

Roberts announces resignation as CEO of NCBA

Burt Rutherford


After six eventful years at the helm of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), Forrest Roberts is resigning as chief executive officer, effective July 31. Roberts has been the CEO of NCBA since 2009.

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Grubs in pastures

Grubs in pastures

Anitha Chirumamilla, Amanda Bachmann and Pete Bauman.


Grubs can be a recurring problem in South Dakota pastures, and recently SDSU Extension staff have fielded many inquiries. While damage from grubs can occur in any region, the majority of landowner concerns have generally originated from the south central portion of the state.

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Auction market owners leery of technological changes

Auction market owners leery of technological changes

Ed White

The Western Producer

You don’t want to do a Blackberry when faced with the invention of the iPhone, scrambling too fast to match the competition and falling hard when you fail.  You also don’t want to be another Kodak, reacting too slowly to save yourself from the digital revolution.

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Seven will be inducted into Meat Industry Hall of Fame

Seven will be inducted into Meat Industry Hall of Fame

The Cattle Business Weekly

The Meat Industry Hall of Fame is proud to announce the Members of the Class of 2015. A record number on nominees were on this year’s ballot, and a record number of votes were cast by current Members and the organization’s Board of Trustees.

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Know your unknowns

Know your unknowns

By Steve Suthers

Farm and Ranch Guide

What you don’t know can hurt you. That’s obvious when you didn’t know there was a snake in the boat, wasps in the mailbox or a bull in that stall. But it applies to many more cases in finance, love and war.

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What is a Grazing Wedge and What Do You Do With It?

What is a Grazing Wedge and What Do You Do With It?

By Jim Gerrish

On Pasture

A grazing wedge is a simple visual depiction of what you have available for grazing in all of your pastures. Once the data is entered into the spreadsheet, it can be sorted from highest to lowest available SDA creating ‘the grazing wedge’.

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