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Combining Carcass Ultra-sound Data and Molecular Breeding Values for Powerful Selection Tools

Combining Carcass Ultra-sound Data and Molecular Breeding Values for Powerful Selection Tools


The world is rapidly changing. Technologies that were barely imagined just a few years ago have become a normal way of life. Genomics[i] is the new buzz word for beef, and research into the genetic make-up of cattle holds great promise. But no new science is complete without practical context, and in beef selection and production that means measuring physical attributes, or phenotypes,[ii] to assess end result.

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Biosecurity: Are veterinarians prepared?

Biosecurity: Are veterinarians prepared?

Daniel R. Verdon


While improvements have been made in our country’s readiness to combat a serious animal-disease outbreak, there is much work to be done, according to veterinary and government experts in biosecurity.

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How Cow Weight and Milk Output Effect Revenue

How Cow Weight and Milk Output Effect Revenue

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

Depending on the operation, feed costs are usually between 40% to 60% of annual cow costs. From a cost standpoint, continual focus on feed cost results in the greatest opportunity to increase profit potential of the cow/calf enterprise.

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Dates Set for Hoosier Beef Congress

Dates Set for Hoosier Beef Congress

Tom Bechman

Indiana Prairie Farmer

What started as an experiment is now ready for its twenty-fourth annual run. The Hoosier Beef Congress takes place Friday, Dec 3 through Sunday December 5. As always, it will be held in the cattle barn at the Indiana State fairgrounds in Indianapolis.

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Stop Stuffing Your Heifers

Stop Stuffing Your Heifers

Ed Haag

Angus Beef Bulletin

A day doesn’t go by when we are not subjected to another news item on how calorie-restricted diets dramatically increase the longevity of laboratory mice. The relevance of this story is greatly enhanced by the tantalizing speculation that switching our intake from fries to lettuce can help us delay meeting the grim reaper by a decade or two. 

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Early Hay Feeding Could Push Up Prices

Early Hay Feeding Could Push Up Prices

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

It’s never a good sign when a Southern producer has to start feeding hay in October, but that’s exactly what’s happening in some areas.

In Mississippi livestock specialist Lance Newman says some pockets of the state are very dry, and the grass has all but played out.

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Distillers grains and ethanol markets inextricably linked

Distillers grains and ethanol markets inextricably linked

AG Professional

Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen emphasizes the importance of U.S. ethanol policy and the expansion of foreign markets to the future of the U.S. distillers grains industry.

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