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Cull Cows that No Longer Have a Place in Operation

Cull Cows that No Longer Have a Place in Operation

Clay Wright

Cattle Today

A railroad claims official once said that trains have done more harm to the genetic quality of America’s cow herds than anything else. He said every cow that ever met her doom on a rural track was invariably the best, most productive cow in the plaintiff’s herd.

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Beef marketing should plan to emphasize farm family traditions

Beef marketing should plan to emphasize farm family traditions

The Cattle Business Weekly

The beef industry could benefit by dropping the term “conventional beef” in describing products from mainstream production systems, and instead, focus on using the term “traditional beef” with consumers.

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Genetics Help Cattle Producers Earn Premium Prices

Genetics Help Cattle Producers Earn Premium Prices


US – Too many cattle producers don’t take advantage of proven breeding techniques to raise premium-quality beef, said a University of Missouri (MU) Extension beef reproduction specialist.

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Proposed new GIPSA rules: Myths and facts

Proposed new GIPSA rules: Myths and facts

North Platte Bulletin

Updates to anti-trust provisions in the 1921 Packers and Stockyards Act would decrease the number of lawsuits and keep contacts private, the department says in a report, "Misconceptions and explanations" published on its website.

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Beef supply is hot topic at World Meat Congress

Beef supply is hot topic at World Meat Congress

High Plains Journal

World Meat Congress 2010 is under way in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with industry experts from across the globe gathering to discuss current trends and future challenges in meat production and consumption.

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Where’s the beef? Maddy Ruble Knows

Where’s the beef? Maddy Ruble Knows

Michelle Haacke

Albert Lea Tribune

When Maddy Ruble of Albert Lea found out she won a spot on the 2011 National Beef Ambassador Team, it may have just been her most “fabulous” accomplishment to date, along with the most nerve-wracking moment of her life.

“I couldn’t eat breakfast that morning, I was so nervous,” she said. “I hardly made it up on stage!”

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Experts say GIPSA rules could hurt cattle producers, beef consumers alike

Experts say GIPSA rules could hurt cattle producers, beef consumers alike

Bill Jackson

Greeley Tribune

New regulations proposed by the USDA’s Grain Inspection Packers & Stockyards Administration — GIPSA — will hurt large and small cattle producers alike and if implemented, it will be consumers who will be hit the hardest.

That was the opinion of a Kansas Livestock Association official and a Colorado State University agricultural economist who spoke Thursday to about 50 Colorado cattle feeders and ranchers at a program hosted by the Greeley-based Colorado Livestock Association.

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Pain relief management for castration is an emerging issue

Pain relief management for castration is an emerging issue

Doug Rich

High Plains Journal

Cutter bull management is an important issue because of the cost associated with these calves and because of the animal welfare aspects of this practice. At the Beef Stocker Field Day held on Sept. 20 at the K-State stocker unit, Dr. Han Coetzee, K-State associate professor of clinical pharmacology, said the practice of castrating bulls is starting to attract some unwanted attention from animal rights groups.

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Radical Reform Needed To Meet Challenges

Radical Reform Needed To Meet Challenges


World renowned scientists speaking at the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue have called for a radical transformation in the agriculture sector to cope with climate change, food security and to transition towards sustainability.

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Seminar to address beef cattle finances

Seminar to address beef cattle finances

Kevin Welch

Amarillo Globe News

The 2010 Beef Financial Management Conference will be at the Ambassador Hotel in Amarillo on Nov. 9.

Topics will include how commodity prices, tax law changes and bank lending will affect the financial management of beef producers.

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