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Factors That Affect Breeding Ability in Bulls

Factors That Affect Breeding Ability in Bulls

Heather Smith Thomas

Hereford World

There are many factors that play a role in fertility and breeding ability in bulls, including semen quality, soundness, desire to breed cows, etc. Most producers make sure that every bull passes a breeding soundness examination (sometimes referred to as a BSE) before putting him out with cows.

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BeefTalk: It Pays to Read the Tag

BeefTalk: It Pays to Read the Tag

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Early discussions of animal breeding and selection always grouped producers into three types, which were the breeder, multiplier and commercial producer.

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Chipotle Unnecessarily Tears Down Agriculture to Build a Brand

Chipotle Unnecessarily Tears Down Agriculture to Build a Brand

Ted Sheely

The Truth about Trade and Technology

In the boardrooms of Madison Avenue, they call it “values branding”: a marketing strategy in which a company tries to instill a feeling of righteousness in the customers who buy its products. But what kind of values would inspire a corporation to wage a smear campaign against America’s farmers?

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Small cattle feeders hold an advantage

Small cattle feeders hold an advantage

Iowa Farmer Today

Five years ago, Duane and Jodi Steenhoek decided they wanted a little more control over the calves they sold. So, with that thought in mind, they put up a hoop building on their Lucas County farm. Instead of selling calves at the sale barn, the couple started feeding their cattle.

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Ranching as a business – not a lifestyle

Ranching as a business – not a lifestyle

Laura Mushrush


It’s often said that ranching is a lifestyle, but it’s much more than that. Without a business mindset ranch owners can struggle to turn a profit. This includes prioritizing resources on cattle operations and evaluating their interactions will help with business decisions.

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Taking DNA samples

Taking DNA samples

Bovine Veterinarian

Dr. Kevin DeHaan, technical services director, Igenity, offers tips about collecting DNA samples to ensure the best possible results.

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Lack of Oxygen Complicates Calves’ First Breaths

Lack of Oxygen Complicates Calves’ First Breaths

Beef Producer

Cow-calf producers typically spend plenty of time preparing for the arrival of new calves: carefully selected genetics for ease of birthing, plenty of herd checks and a heat lamp or two. But once the calf hits the ground, the next step is to ensure it is breathing properly.

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