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Cow Culling Considerations

Cow Culling Considerations

Katrina Waters Huffstutler

The Cattleman

It’s fall, and for many ranches, that can mean time to reduce the cow herd by getting rid of any females that aren’t earning their keep. But sometimes the decisions aren’t black and white, so we asked two cattlemen to share their cow culling considerations.

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Take Careful Consideration Before Feeding By-Products

Take Careful Consideration Before Feeding By-Products

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we began a discussion on feeding by-products to cattle. We started with the class of by-products that are some of the oldest and probably most well known – cotton products – those derived from the cotton industry and include materials such as cottonseed meal, whole cottonseed, cottonseed hulls.

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Jean Barton:  Bull sales; then and now

Jean Barton:  Bull sales; then and now

Red Bluff Daily News

How bull sales have evolved since Tehama Angus Ranch’s first sale 36 years ago. The first private auction of Angus bulls in California was originated by Tehama Angus Ranch’s Dale and son Bill Borror at the ranch headquarters in Gerber on Tehama Avenue.

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Fall round-up is around the corner: Begin by analyzing pastures

Fall round-up is around the corner: Begin by analyzing pastures

Doug Fjerstad

Minnesota Farm Guide

Autumn is in the air and livestock producers are analyzing their pastures to see how they are going into the winter season. It is important that pastures are not grazed too tight to inhibit growth in the spring.

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Animal Raisers Dreading Anticipated New Rules Governing Antibiotics Use

Animal Raisers Dreading Anticipated New Rules Governing Antibiotics Use


Beef Today

Dispensing antibiotics to healthy animals is routine on the large, concentrated farms that now dominate U.S. agriculture. But the practice is increasingly condemned by medical experts who say it contributes to a growing scourge of modern medicine: the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including dangerous E. coli strains that account for millions of bladder infections each year, as well as resistant types of salmonella and other microbes.

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Bloat hazard: Grazing alfalfa in fall 2010

Bloat hazard: Grazing alfalfa in fall 2010

Dennis Cash and Rachel Endecott

Tri State Livestock News

After Labor Day weekend, many Montana ranchers begin sizing up their hay crop and pastures for fall and winter feed. Across Montana, substantial rain during 2010 has resulted in a supply of stored hay and standing grass – best described as “bodacious.” In many counties of central and eastern Montana, the growing season precipitation (April 1 through Sept. 1) matched or exceeded the long-term average annual precipitation.

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Senators want fair Japanese beef importation rules

Senators want fair Japanese beef importation rules

High Plains Journal

Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, U.S. Senators for Colorado, recently joined 20 of their Senate colleagues in urging President Barack Obama to discuss the issue of the beef trade during his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

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Traveling Cows

Traveling Cows


A Bismarck business will ship 170 cows overseas in the coming week as part of a trade deal with beef producers in Kazakhstan. Bill Price, president of Global Beef Consultants, says the cows will go to two reproduction facilities and a feeding center.

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Some farmers beef up herds

Some farmers beef up herds


Gadsden Times

"I’m kind of expanding my operation because of the number of the people who have gotten out of the cattle business during the past few years," said Jim Akin, of Lexington, president of the Lauderdale County Cattlemen’s Association and a regional vice president of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. "I know several other guys who are expanding their cattle operations too."

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Developing Replacements is a Step by Step Process

Developing Replacements is a Step by Step Process

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

During rebuilding years, most team sports are forced to play athletes who may not be ready to assume the role or players that lack talent to compete at that level. Building blocks set in place during the recruiting process should bring in qualified replacements that have the ability to step in and perform.

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