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Beef Quiz: Hamburger Chain, Protein, Ranch Steak

Beef Quiz: Hamburger Chain, Protein, Ranch Steak

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Is ultrasound a better preg-check?

Is ultrasound a better preg-check?

Bill Beal

Angus Journal

Use of ultrasound extends the ability of veterinary practitioners performing reproductive examinations of cattle. The most common advantages cited are enhanced differentiation of ovarian structures, more accurate fetal aging and the ability to determine the sex of a fetus. Some fetal malformations may also be detectable using ultrasonography. While use of ultrasonography may be advantageous, it is usually more costly than traditional rectal palpation, and the benefits of using ultrasound diagnostics must be great enough to offset the higher costs.

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90,000 plus cattle dead in North Dakota

90,000 plus cattle dead in North Dakota

The Cattle Business Weekly

The Farm Service Agency in North Dakota and county emergency services are estimating more than 90,000 calves and adult cattle have died so far due to adverse weather conditions.

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Feeding Wheat to Beef Cattle

Feeding Wheat to Beef Cattle

Greg Lardy, NDSU Animal and Range Sciences Department, NDSU Extension Service, Fargo, John Dhuyvetter, NDSU Extension Service, North Central Research Extension Center, Minot

Wheat remains the leading crop produced in North Dakota. Most wheat in North Dakota is either hard red spring wheat (HRSW) or durum. Small acreages of hard red winter wheat and, more recently, hard white wheat are also planted in the state.

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Fencing tips for rocky terrain

Fencing tips for rocky terrain

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri State Livestock News

Fencing can be a difficult challenge in the rocks, especially when it’s too rocky to dig post holes efficiently, or to set posts using a tractor-mounted driver (post pounder).

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OSU researchers use pedometers to measure cow happiness

OSU researchers use pedometers to measure cow happiness

The Oregonian

When you see a cow laying down on the job, it’s a good thing. And Oregon State University researchers are using computer-linked pedometers to measure when a cow lays down.

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Livestock Losses Are Not Immediate

Livestock Losses Are Not Immediate

Even though most of the snow is gone and the floodwaters are starting to recede, producers’ livestock losses will continue.

“Not all the losses will be readily evident,” says North Dakota State University Extension Service veterinarian Charlie Stoltenow.

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