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Baxter Black, DVM: Herd Sire

Baxter Black, DVM:  Herd Sire

This is one of those stories that sound so unbelievable that you’ll know I didn’t make it up!

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Questionable Pregnancy Calls for a Visit From the Vet

Questionable Pregnancy Calls for a Visit From the Vet

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Rectal palpation with or without ultrasound by a qualified veterinarian is the only immediate way to determine the number of days a cow is pregnant.

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First 21 Days After Conception Important for Livestock Development

First 21 Days After Conception Important for Livestock Development

Tom Bechman

Beef Producer

Why does one animal gain 4 pounds per day when a full sibling gains 2 pounds per day? Why do some calves in the herd with similar genetics start out behind and stay behind in development through their entire life cycle? Why doesn’t every cow breed at the same rate of efficiency as another?

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Beef industry faces higher prices, lower margins and shrinking demand

Beef industry faces higher prices, lower margins and shrinking demand

The City Wire

The cattle markets are set to ring up another record year for producers and packers even with tightening supplies expected to continue through 2019.

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BovControl is a Cow-Tracking App for Farmers

BovControl is a Cow-Tracking App for Farmers

Annie Pilon

Small Business Trends

Clearly, beef is a huge industry in Brazil. But with so many cows, how are ranchers and food producers supposed to keep track of them? Well, there’s now an app called BovControl that aims to help farmers, food companies and even consumers track and gather information about cattle.

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Winter mineral supplementation: Opportunities for savings

Winter mineral supplementation: Opportunities for savings

Dr. John Arthington

University of Florida

Grazing cows have a nutritional requirement for minerals throughout the year. The concentration of mineral required in the diet often varies in relation to the cow’s stage of production, predominantly pregnancy and lactation. The majority of a cow’s mineral requirement is achieved through the consumption of forage. In some cases our pasture forages may supply the entire cow’s requirement, but in the majority of cases some deficiency will result.

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Principles of Protein Supplementation

Principles of Protein Supplementation

Greg Lardy

North Dakota State University

If you are planning on utilizing dormant or other low quality forages in your winter feeding programs, protein supplementation will generally be required to maintain beef cow productivity, ensure a healthy calf at calving, and ensure the cows return to estrous quickly following calving.

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