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BeefTalk: The Right Bulls Produce the Right Calves

BeefTalk: The Right Bulls Produce the Right Calves

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

What is important is to look at the numbers and find a bull that will work within your herd.

The discussion when to breed cows has to end eventually. Spring and breeding time is here at the Dickinson Research Extension Center.

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In the eyes of the judges

In the eyes of the judges


Garden City Telegram

It might have appeared to someone not paying much attention Wednesday that Marcine Moldenhauer was just standing in a pen full of cattle.

Look a little closer, though, and one could see Moldenhauer’s eyes moving from one steer to another, and then her eyes judging cattle in the heifer category as Moldenhauer judged the 41st annual Live Show Wednesday.

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Farm Bureau urges more comment on costly EPA rule

Farm Bureau urges more comment on costly EPA rule

Suntimes News

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is poised to use the Federal Clean Air Act to implement a non-conclusive finding that greenhouse gases endanger the public health and welfare. Missouri Farm Bureau President Charles Kruse sent a letter to Missouri’s Congressional Delegation asking them to urge EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to extend the public comment period another 60 days beyond June 23rd.

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Are UFOs responsible for cattle mutilations?

Are UFOs responsible for cattle mutilations?

Fred Spriggs

Although we’ve yet to receive any reports of cattle mutilations in Webster County, a couple of recent macabre crimes in both Wright and Douglas counties have been brought to my attention.

On Friday, I was making an ad call at See-More Auto Sales with Derek Terry when Raymond Wilson told me about a friend of his in Wright County who had a cow mutilated.

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Delta Fair/Mid-South Fair will fill livestock void as big show relocates

Delta Fair/Mid-South Fair will fill livestock void as big show relocates

Linda Moore

Memphis Commercial Appeal

For city people, the cattle, sheep and pigs at regional and state fairs offer a simple look at rural life.

But to the young people who raise, groom and breed those animals, competing in local fairs increases the animals’ value and helps them potentially earn money for college.

The Mid-South Fair was for 152 years the place area youths went to show. But its transition status in Southaven this year means no livestock competitions.

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Spring pastures can be deadly

Spring pastures can be deadly


The Prairie Star

The sight of new green grass in spring pastures is a welcome one but it can also be a deadly one. Grass tetany, also known as staggers or pasture poisoning, is fatal in 30 percent or more of untreated cases. Every year cattlemen in Montana and Wyoming lose livestock to tetany. Dr. Donal O’Tooele, a professor of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Wyoming, admits “we don’t see all the cases that are out there since many producers know the clinical signs.”

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Post Protocols To Improve Consistency Of Calf Health

Post Protocols To Improve Consistency Of Calf Health

Despite efforts by many dairy producers to refine their management practices for newborn calves there is still room for improvement. The most critical factor is feeding colostrums. This important management practice continues to be a constant challenge to attain consistent colostral passive immunity transfer to calves within the first 24 hours after birth.

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