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Bouncing Checks and Bad Guys

Bouncing Checks and Bad Guys

Sharla Ishmael

Beef Today

You’ve sold a bull to a new customer in a consignment sale and his check bounces. Or perhaps you’ve sold a trailerload of calves to a particular buyer before and had no problems, so you agreed to wait for payment until the calves are delivered.

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Saddle & Sirloin Inducts Col. Ray Sims

Saddle & Sirloin Inducts Col. Ray Sims

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Friends refer to Sims as a gentleman with a kind and generous heart — the kind of man who “wears well.” His professional acquaintances agree to that description, too — for they rank among his friends.

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Winter Cow Management Starts Well Before Winter

Winter Cow Management Starts Well Before Winter

Heather Smith Thomas


Winter management must start in the fall, before cold weather. This means carefully assessing body condition on pregnant cows when calves are weaned, and developing a plan to provide sufficient nutrition to allow cows to maintain moderate-to-good condition before their next calving.

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Lawmakers Want GIPSA Rule Economic Analysis

Lawmakers Want GIPSA Rule Economic Analysis


House lawmakers, in a letter sent late Tuesday to US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, asked that an economic analysis of the agency’s proposed rule on buying and selling livestock and poultry be completed before the regulation becomes final.

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Virginia Tech talent inducted into Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame

Virginia Tech talent inducted into Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame

A group of Virginia’s livestock associations inducted seven Hokies into the Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame at the Virginia State Fair in Doswell, Va., on Oct. 1.

“The Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame allows Virginia’s beef, dairy, sheep, and pork industries to recognize those who have made outstanding contribution’s to the commonwealth’s livestock industry,” said Ike Eller, a retired Virginia Cooperative Extension animal scientist who chairs the hall of fame committee. “Our first group of honorees includes both contemporary leaders in industry and academia and early pioneers who made Virginia’s livestock industry what it is today.”

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Staying relevant in cattle care

Staying relevant in cattle care


Dr. John U. Thomson told hundreds of cattle veterinarians and veterinary students that they need to provide veterinary care and education in ways that satisfy societal needs, or they will be replaced.

The dean at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine is particularly concerned that veterinarians have not generated data that demonstrate the profession’s importance to protecting the food supply.

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New feedlot nutrition and management specialist appointed at PREC

New feedlot nutrition and management specialist appointed at PREC


Dr. Matt Luebbe will join the faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Panhandle Research and Extension Center in November as feedlot nutrition and management specialist.

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It’s the cows that count

It’s the cows that count

Amanda Nolz

Tri State Livestock News

“Cows are a depreciable asset,” stated Albro. “They are an asset, just like a tractor or a combine. We need to treat them like one. Think about cow depreciation being the biggest cost in a cattle operation because it is.

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Ways to Make Genetic Improvement This Fall

Ways to Make Genetic Improvement This Fall

Beef Today

A few simple adjustments this fall can help cattle producers jump-start genetic progress — and profitability — for years to come. Mark Allan, Ph.D., associate director, technical services, Pfizer Animal Genetics, says producers can use DNA testing to help take some of the risk out of the important decisions they will make in the coming months.

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Strategies for culling cattle vary

Strategies for culling cattle vary

Victoria Advocate (AU)

Sam Womble

We’ve all heard about the importance of culling cattle. When you figure the average cost to maintain a cow is somewhere in the neighborhood of $550 annually, it doesn’t make sense to keep "problem" cattle.

I’ve learned over the years that a cull cow has different meaning to different people.

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