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Video Feature: Sen. Brian Hatfield – Washington State Beef Day 2010

Sen. Brian Hatfield, D-Raymond, takes a tour of Beef Day 2010 at the Washington State Senate

BeefTalk: Raise the Beef You Want by Buying the Genetics You Need

BeefTalk: Raise the Beef You Want by Buying the Genetics You Need

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Six Quick Steps to Bull Buying Six Quick Steps to Bull Buying

A purchased bull that does not meet your desired production outcomes sets the operation back another year and another calf crop, and leads to missed opportunity.

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Animal Ag’s Tipping Point?

Animal Ag’s Tipping Point?

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

The "tipping point" is a term used to define a critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. In other words, it is a change that may suddenly change everything. Author Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the phenomenon of tipping points in our society in his best-selling book simply titled "The Tipping Point."

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Keeping Track of Energy

Keeping Track of Energy

Sandy Johnson, Kansas State University livestock specialist

Beef Today

Tally time is devoted to measuring things so that we can manage them. Measuring and managing takes time and too often things like feeding cows or moving hay seem more pressing. Two things that will be important to measure this year to ensure cow productivity and welfare through the winter will be body condition and forage quality. Producers have been encouraged to use these two measurements for a number of years and many do, or at least they intend to.

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Hidden ranch

Hidden ranch

Nowadays, the O’Kane Ranch isn’t quite visible from 72nd Avenue. Only a white mailbox bearing a faded last name hints that the long driveway ends at Joanne O’Kane’s 5-acre property, where 27 cattle and a pen of goats are tucked away from the otherwise suburban scene.

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China the largest beef consumer by 2015

China the largest beef consumer by 2015

Evegen Vorotinkov

 Meat International

According to Yushin, the predicted surge in demand for beef in China and Southeast Asia could result in a sharp rise in prices. Yushin also added, that by 2015 China will be able to export up to 5 million tons of beef a year.

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Connectedness among herds of beef cattle bred under natural service

Connectedness among herds of beef cattle bred under natural service

7th Space

A procedure to measure connectedness among herds was applied to a beef cattle population bred by natural service. It consists of two steps: (a) computing coefficients of determination (CDs) of comparisons among herds; and (b) building sets of connected herds.

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