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Baxter Black, DVM: PILLS

Baxter Black, DVM:  PILLS

While sitting next to a 20-something young woman on the airplane, I shook a handful of peanut butter M & M’s into my palm.  She said, “I wish I’d bought some of those, too.”

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Make Preparations for Herd Prior to Arrival of Winter

Make Preparations for Herd Prior to Arrival of Winter

Darrell Rankins, Ph.D.

Cattle Today

As the winter feeding period quickly approaches let’s take a moment to evaluate some important points. As everyone is well aware of, input costs are extremely high.

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Some cows would make great Black Friday shoppers

Some cows would make great Black Friday shoppers

Bill Croushore

Daily American

Ugh. Another Black Friday has come and gone with the typical reports of shootings, pepper spray and near riots. I feel pity for those people who find it necessary to participate in this new American spectacle in the hopes of saving a few bucks on a television. It does remind me, however, of predictable animal behavior that farmers have to deal with.

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Double-Cropping With A Twist

Double-Cropping With A Twist

Becky Mills


Andy Andreasen already had planned to graze cattle under his pine trees after the trees were thinned in 2004. When a tornado from Hurricane Ivan thinned them again six months later, the plan became a necessity.

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The grass isn’t greener on the other side: Drought

The grass isn’t greener on the other side: Drought

Danielle Kalisek

North Texas e-News

Drought—a word that’s receiving a lot of attention throughout Texas—seems to be on everyone’s mind. From agriculture to urban life, from farmers and ranchers to energy producers, water suppliers and consumers—everyone and everything are being affected by drought.

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Cattle Producers Avoid “GIPSA Rule”

Cattle Producers Avoid "GIPSA Rule"

Wes Ishmael


Congress voted earlier this month on a $19.8-billion, ag spending bill that includes language blocking USDA from implementing controversial reforms to livestock and poultry marketing.

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Weaning management & growing heifers

Weaning management & growing heifers

Ivan G. Rush

Tri State Livestock News

What about these cattle prices? It seems records continue to be set on feeder and fed cattle. Even though the fed cattle futures are volatile, their upward trend makes me wonder where they will top out.

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Developing bulls for purebred producers of all sizes

Developing bulls for purebred producers of all sizes

Megan Lawrence


Beginning with a dream of working with higher quality, lower risk cattle compelled Andrew Sylvester to start a bull development service different then most.

Since 2004, Sylvester Bull Development in Wamego, Kansas, has specialized in developing bulls based on individual producers needs.

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Some Discounts Lead to Profit

Some Discounts Lead to Profit

Miranda Reiman

Angus Journal

Corn is high. Logically, that means feeders

will sell cattle lighter with fewer days on feed, right?

Not exactly. That’s what Shawn Walter, Professional Cattle Consultants (PCC), told attendees at the recent Feeding Quality Forum.

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Beef prices surge continues

Beef prices surge continues


Lincoln Journal Star

In the Old West, a stagecoach never started down a treacherous trail without somebody riding shotgun.

An armed guard might be a bit over the top for a semitrailer full of cattle headed for a Nebraska meatpacking plant in late 2011, but the value of that single load now approaches $65,000.

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Researchers Look at DNA Feedlot Strategies

Researchers Look at DNA Feedlot Strategies

Cattle Today

Recently, animal scientist John Wagner and his team set out to answer one question: “Is there potential application for DNA technology in the feedlot?”

The research completed by Colorado State University (CSU) says, “Yes.”

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Daily Feed Requirements

Daily Feed Requirements

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

The right decisions about feed are directly tied to the individual herd’s nutritional requirements.

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Consider Group Marketing to Capture More Value

Consider Group Marketing to Capture More Value

Dan Goehl, DVM

Beef Today

Marketing the calf crop is one of the primary economic drivers in the cow–calf business. There are many advantages to be gained by cooperatively feeding and marketing cattle. Some of the most basic steps are to precondition calves on the farm, market them in pot-load sized, same-sex groups and have similar quality genetics on all calves.

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Wide range of cattle industry topics at 2011 Range Beef Cow Symposium

Wide range of cattle industry topics at 2011 Range Beef Cow Symposium

David Ostdiek

Tri State Livestock News

Cattle ranchers are a diverse lot with a common interest: producing and selling beef.

And that is the common theme of the presentations by more than two dozen speakers during the Range Beef Cow Symposium, Nov. 29 through Dec. 1 at Mitchell, NE.

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Condition-scoring beef cows

Condition-scoring beef cows

University of Missouri

Most spring-born beef calves either have been weaned or will be weaned soon. Weaning is the time to start managing beef cows so that they are at the optimum body-condition score (BCS) before the start of the next calving season, said a University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist.

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Western states report comeback of cattle rustling

Western states report comeback of cattle rustling

Laura Zuckerman


Cattle rustlers, casting aside saddle and spurs for modern horsepower, are roaming the West with four-wheel drive and GPS technology in a resurgence of livestock thievery considered a hanging offense on the old frontier.

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Rosholt, SD, man offers $50,000 reward for stolen cattle

Rosholt, SD, man offers $50,000 reward for stolen cattle

Mikkel Pates


Reward: $50,000.

There’s a kind of Old West flavor to a local newspaper ad in which James A. Larsen appeals to the public to bring his cattle back. It’s intriguing further that Larsen is making the appeal after Riley Braaten, 33, already was convicted of aggravated grand theft in the case.

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Who should pay to make ground beef safe from E. coli?

Who should pay to make ground beef safe from E. coli?

Elizabeth Weise

USA Today

What if it were possible to almost entirely do away with E. coli in ground beef and it would cost only about a penny a burger?

Food-safety experts say it’s entirely feasible with new technologies that have become available.

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What’s in a recip?

What’s in a recip?

Sally Northcutt

Angus Journal

What makes one recipient female better than another? When it comes to embryo transfer (ET) calves and performance information through Beef Improvement Records (BIR), there is a difference.

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Get familiar with BCS before calving

Get familiar with BCS before calving

Doug Toburen


Body condition scoring has been around since the 1980s and provides a system in which cattle can be scored from one to nine, from very thin cattle to obese cattle.

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