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Selling U.S. Beef to the Rest of the World

Selling U.S. Beef to the Rest of the World

The Beef Board

You know that the beef produced in the United States is delicious, nutritious and safe to eat. But did you know that consumers in more than 80 countries worldwide know that, too, thanks in part to your beef-checkoff investments?

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Post Election Thoughts on Agriculture: #2 of 5 | Interest Rates

Post Election Thoughts on Agriculture: #2 of 5 | Interest Rates

Damian Mason

The cost of borrowed money is poised to rise. The Fed’s been hinting at a rate increase at every meeting for several years. Trump says we need higher interest rates because low rates have created an artificial bubble — even though it might slow down some aspects of the economy.

Why do cows eat the placenta from their newborn calves?

Why do cows eat the placenta from their newborn calves?

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Many benefits have been claimed from the practice. The placenta does contain high levels of hormones, iron, B vitamins and endorphins (the body’s natural pain relievers).

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Greg Henderson


Your efforts to improve the quality and palatability of beef are making a difference in how your product is perceived and accepted by consumers. In fact, the dramatic rise in the percentage of carcasses grading Choice and Prime corresponds with increases in beef demand over the past decade.

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Pregnant, cold cows need more

Pregnant, cold cows need more

Sue Roesler

Agri View

Cow-calf producers have been busy making sure cows have extra feed and bedding, that water supplies are running, and that there are windbreaks, hills, draws and other areas for cattle to be protected from windy conditions. Cattle in the cold need extra feed — but cows in their last trimester in the cold have even higher requirements.

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Hair shedding scores: A tool to select heat tolerant cattle

Hair shedding scores: A tool to select heat tolerant cattle

Jared E. Decker

Hair shedding scores are an easy and effective way to measure cattle’s ability to cope with heat stress. In this fact sheet, learn the how, when, and why of hair shedding scores. Responsible beef breeding requires matching cattle genetics to production environment. This is necessary for at least three reasons: Profitability, animal well-being and improved environmental impact.

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Gene-editing options

Gene-editing options

The Cattle Business Weekly

“In the same way that spell-check identifies and corrects single-letter errors in a word or grammar errors in a sentence, gene editing can be used to identify and change the letters that make up the genetic code within an individual.” That is how Alison Van Eenennaam, an animal genomics and biotechnology cooperative extension specialist for the University of California – Davis describes gene-editing in laymen’s terms in an eXtension article.

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