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Y’all Don’t Mess With Us Farm Folk

Y’all Don’t Mess With Us Farm Folk

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

There is an old folk saying, “Let sleeping dogs lie.” Some well meaning bureaucrats at the Department of Labor wish they had done that.  Their plan to mandate new safety rules for children stirred up a hornet’s nest of angry farm families which resulted in a withdrawal of the proposal and a black eye for the Obama administration in a critical election year. 

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Preparing for Heat Stress in Cattle Back

Preparing for Heat Stress in Cattle Back

Warren Rusche


Summer heat waves pose a serious danger to cattle.  It’s not only the death loss, but also the loss in performance and the potential for poorer reproductive performance of bulls and breeding females caused by heat stress that cause economic harm to beef producers.  Taking some steps now to plan ahead will put producers in a better position to deal with heat waves when and if they occur.

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Producers Face Scrutiny From Public Over Antibiotic Feeding

Producers Face Scrutiny From Public Over Antibiotic Feeding

Stephen B. Blezinger, PhD, PAS

The use of antibiotics in food animal feeding has been a common practice for years. It has also been under fire from a variety of scientists, doctors, consumer groups and the media for years.

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Society is Shaping Animal Welfare

Society is Shaping Animal Welfare

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

But the term animal husbandry has largely been dropped from the agricultural education lexicon. Generally, it’s been replaced by animal science, which has been collectively defined as disciplines of study that investigate biological issues such as physiology, anatomy, reproduction and development of domestic animals or animals that are controlled and cared for, to some degree, by humans. It certainly has a more academic sound. It’s more … well, scientific.

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Labor Department withdraws ag child labor regulations

Labor Department withdraws ag child labor regulations

Tom Karst

The Packer

The Department of Labor is dropping the idea of giving farmers new rules to follow on how to use child labor.

With a 2011 proposed rule from the agency attracting more than 10,000 public comments, the move by the federal government to add new rules to regulate use of youth labor on U.S. farms was strongly opposed by U.S. agriculture groups.

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USDA Now Searching For Cohorts and Offspring of BSE Case 4

USDA Now Searching For Cohorts and Offspring of BSE Case 4

Dr. John Clifford

Oklahoma Farm Report

USDA Now Searching For Cohorts and Offspring- Dr. John Clifford on BSE Case 4 USDA continues to do basic detective work on the California dairy cow reported as being positive for BSE- or what has been called Mad Cow Disease- earlier this week.

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Rotational Grazing

Rotational Grazing

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

The cost of cattle production is rising and producers seeking to put more grass weight on their cattle are finding that sound pasture management has never been more attractive and/or profitable.

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