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This Election Could Devastate the Cattle Industry

This Election Could Devastate the Cattle Industry

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

Don’t get excited, I’m not going to give you my opinion of the candidates or look at how they stand on issues important to the cattle industry and ag, in general. In fact, this year’s election, if nothing else, serves as a stark warning that ag and the livestock industry are simply not even on the radar screen of any presidential candidate or their party.

Certainly, exploding food prices are starting to be felt by consumers, but the response there has been disconcerting, as well. While riots over food prices have hit the streets of developing countries, and the United Nations and other groups are warning about catastrophes, the response has been different in the Washington Beltway.


What Catches the Eye of Cattle Buyers?

What Catches the Eye of Cattle Buyers?

Expert talks about market trends for cattlemen

ELDON COLE, Livestock specialist, MU Extension

Monett Times

Spring bull-buying season is ending and there have been lots of breeding stock sales offered in southwest Missouri. As a University of Missouri livestock Extension specialist, I always watch the ads and attend some of the sales. I find it fascinating what attracts buyers to a sale and more importantly, what entices them to bid once they settle into their seats.

After looking over a number of pre-sale ads in farm papers and breed magazines I believe most sellers of beef breeding stock have the same philosophy as the salesman in the musical The Music Man when it comes to promoting their cattle. You’ll recall from the musical that the Music Man’s saying was, “You’ve got to know the territory and you’ve got to have a gimmick.”


Baxter Black: MOOSE ROPING

Baxter Black: MOOSE ROPING

Most cowboys go to great lengths to keep from losing their rope. And yet that same cowboy might rope a freight train, a four-wheeler or a polar bear without a second thought. That thought, of course is, ‘How do I get my rope back?’

Randy and Roy were makin’ a final circle on a big ranch north of the Anaconda Mountains. They were down to tracking singles. One set of tracks lead them up a little canyon. The snow was a foot deep and the footprints were well-defined punctures in the snow, not the foot draggin’ bovine kind. It didn’t take them long to come upon a big cow moose idly scraping a spot in the shelter of a pine tree looking for a little nibble.


Cattle fatally shot in Utah’s Tooele County

Cattle fatally shot in Utah’s Tooele County


A Tooele County rancher says a shooting spree killed nine cows and a calf.

Martin Anderson says six beef cattle and a calf were killed by the shots. Three other cows had to be euthanized.

Anderson tells The Salt Lake Tribune it was a “sad sight” helpless calves were next to their dead mothers. He says the shootings occurred last week on public grazing land in Utah’s Skull



Foodservice Experts Agree Consumers Want Quality

Foodservice Experts Agree Consumers Want Quality

Cattle Today

A panel of foodservice experts recently agreed beef consumers want quality. That includes everything from meals to service to psychological impact. “Beef’s Steak in Foodservice” was part of the Pfizer-sponsored Cattlemen’s College at the February beef industry meetings in Reno, Nev.

As Jane Gibson, a National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) director, noted, “Foodservice is all food prepared away from home—takeout, dine-in or home delivery.” The category accounted for more than $8 billion in beef purchases last year, growing by more than five percent.


Effects of Age & Method Of Castration On Performance

Effects of Age & Method Of Castration On Performance

Why is it so important to evaluate the effects of age and method of castration?

Bull calves are castrated to reduce meat toughness, aggressive behavior, sexual interest and dark cutting. However, the process of castration can be stressful and can lead to weight loss and lowered growth performance. The age and method of castration has a significant impact on growth performance and stress response making it important to choose the right age and method.


Effects of Nutrition on Beef Cow Reproduction

Effects of Nutrition on Beef Cow Reproduction

Ropin’ the Web

The nutritional quality of feeds and forage can have a tremendous influence on the reproductive performance of cattle. Although reproductive failure may occur for several reasons, management and the environment are often important contributing factors. Part of the environment and management of any animal is nutrition.

Producers must be aware of daily changes in a cow’s feed requirements if they want to wean calves from at least 90 per cent of cows exposed to the bull. For instance, cows in the last third of pregnancy or those producing milk have special needs. If these needs are not met, reproduction is the first body function that is sacrificed.

This document describes the effect of deficiencies and imbalances of both macro and micro nutrients.