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Vintage Video: Two Steaks, part 2

Vintage Video: Two Steaks, part 2

This film describes the difference in meats. It focuses on the importance of good feeding of cattle and the effect it has on the meat. The film also discusses meat cuts, marbling, and bone structure.

Produced by Iowa State University with Iowa Beef Producers’ Association in 1960.

Survey shows few beef producers changing practices

Survey shows few beef producers changing practices

Monett Times

Every four years since 1994, Eldon Cole a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension, has sent readers of his monthly Beef Newsletter a voluntary survey designed to gauge their interests and farm management techniques.

Since the 1994 survey, the percentage of respondents who own a computer used for the farm has nearly doubled, going from 29 percent to 55 percent. However, the rate of increase has slowed dramatically during the last four years.

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In effort to control greenhouse gases, government gasbags should leave family farms alone

In effort to control greenhouse gases, government gasbags should leave family farms alone

Leave family farms alone

It may not be as socially acceptable, but it’s as natural as breathing in and breathing out. In polite circles, it’s commonly referred to as “passing gas.”

But now the federal government could unleash a colossal stinker of its own by forcing America’s farmers to pay permit fees because their livestock have an innate tendency to “toot.”

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Souderton processing plant hit with complaint

Souderton processing plant hit with complaint

The office of acting U.S. Attorney Laurie Magid said yesterday that it had filed a civil complaint against JBS Souderton Inc., a beef processing plant, for Clean Water Act violations that resulted in several fish kills over five years.

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Feeding The World One Technology At A Time

Feeding The World One Technology At A Time


BEEF Magazine

It’s likely most cattlemen haven’t trodden the streets of New York City very much. For good reason, what with its reputation as a seething, crowded mass of humanity.

However, according to Alex Avery, with the Hudson Institute Center for Global Food Issues, if you really want seething, crowded masses of humanity, take a side trip to Beijing, Bangalore or Calcutta. There, he says, you will get a glimpse of the world’s future … and yours.

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FDA plans ban on cattle tissue in feed

FDA plans ban on cattle tissue in feed


The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is accepting comments through Jan. 26 on a planned regulation that would ban use of cattle tissues in animal feeds.

The rule, which would take effect April 27, is meant to reduce the risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) by prohibiting use of brains and spinal cords from cattle 30 months and older in all animal feed.

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Challenges For Non-ambulatory Livestock Law

Challenges For Non-ambulatory Livestock Law

On Christmas Eve, the American Meat Institute filed a motion to broaden a National Meat Association lawsuit regarding non-ambulatory livestock slaughter in California. The lawsuit is an attempt to halt the enforcement of state law that would ban the slaughter of any non-ambulatory livestock (and dairy) species at federally inspected packing plants.

NMA brought the lawsuit earlier in the week to focus on the state law’s application to hogs. In its motion to intervene, AMI is seeking broader injunctive and declaratory relief, arguing that the state law is preempted by the Federal Meat Inspection Act when applied to other livestock processed in a federally inspected meat plant.

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