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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 hay-making challenges

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 hay-making challenges


  1. The windshield wipers on your hay baler tractor aren’t working.
  2. The bargain net wrap you bought online is so biodegradable that it disintegrates in the baler.

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Study shows danger of short grazing toxic-fescue pastures by cattle herds

Study shows danger of short grazing toxic-fescue pastures by cattle herds

High Plains Journal

New forage research gives reason to not graze toxic fescue grass too short. The bottom 2 inches of infected grass holds highest levels of the alkaloid causing problems for grazing livestock.

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Cows need to keep a low profile in Utah tourist areas

Cows need to keep a low profile in Utah tourist areas

Salt Lake Tribune

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

The National Park Service shut down one of the top swimming spots at Lake Powell last week because ranchers didn’t remove two dead cows stuck in the sand. After the rising lake swamped their carcasses, park officials closed “the sweet spot,” a cove near Lone Rock Beach, fearing bacteria levels in the warm lake water.

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A guide to rotational grazing

A guide to rotational grazing


Why rotational grazing? Pastures represent a largely untapped resource for farmers. More than one quarter of the Midwest’s agricultural land is in some form of pasture. Yet, 80% of these pastures suffer from poor, uneven fertility coupled with serious weed and erosion problems.

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Why We In Agriculture Lose To Fake News

Why We In Agriculture Lose To Fake News

Damian Mason

Fake news is a new term but it’s nothing new.

Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America” as CBS marketed him, wasn’t always that trustworthy.  Years after he left the anchor desk, Walter said he missed “being able to affect the outcome of the day’s events.”  Hmmm?  Your job, Mr. Cronkite, wasn’t to “affect outcomes” it was to report them.

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A decade of beef cow herd dynamics explained

A decade of beef cow herd dynamics explained

Derrell S. Peel


The Jan. 1, 2018, beef cow herd inventory of 31.723 million head was very close to the 2009 herd size of 31.794 million head a decade earlier. However, the industry has been through quite a bit since then and some short- and long-term changes are evident in the current situation among major beef cow states.

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Alliance Intends to Improve Water Sustainability in Beef Production

Alliance Intends to Improve Water Sustainability in Beef Production

Wyatt Bechtel


A partnership between the Nature Conservancy, Nestlé Purina and Cargill will launch a three-year program to improve water sustainability across the beef production chain. Irrigation of row crops dedicated to cattle feed accounts for more than 50 percent of water use in U.S. beef production. To start out the project will begin in Nebraska and focus on row crop irrigation with a goal of providing a scalable solution for irrigation that can be utilized across the country by farmers.

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