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Video Feature: So what do you do with your carriers of genetic defects?

Dr. Terry Stewart, Purdue University, tells how to cope with genetic defect carriers in your cow herd.

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Video Feature: Stolen Moos

Video Feature: Stolen Moos

Fox News Channel

" Well for as long as man has been eating beef. Men have been stealing cattle. Not only is the meat delicious especially served medium rare with a little bit peppercorns sauce. It’s also getting more expensive given modern day cattle rustlers that extra incentive”.

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Feedlot Heat Stress Checklist

Feedlot Heat Stress Checklist

Dee Griffin DVM, Beef Production Management Veterinarian


The thermo-comfort zone varies greatly for beef cattle. Young animals have a narrow comfort zone between 45 and 80 F°. The comfort zone of feedlot cattle and mature cows will range from subzero temperatures in the winter to around 75 F° in the summer, depending on body condition, hair coat length and plane of nutrition. This wide comfort zone allows cattle to thrive under diverse climatic conditions with little or no need for shelter or protection. However, unlike humans, who can be reasonably comfortable when exposed to normal summer temperatures, feedlot cattle have difficulty coping with temperatures above 90 F°. This is particularly true when humidity is high or wind-speed is low, especially when cattle have had little or no chance to adapt to excessive heat loads.

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Heat kills 2,000+ cattle

Heat kills 2,000+ cattle

North Platte Telegraph

Authorities say the combination of high temperatures and humidity in Nebraska has killed hundreds of cattle this week.

A lethal combination of heat, humidity and dead calm killed hundreds of cattle in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa this week.

Longtime observers said it was one of the worst bouts of feedlot heat deaths they had ever seen.

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Farm Business Management Update Available

Farm Business Management Update Available

Va. Tech

Farm Business Management Update is a joint effort of the Agricultural and Applied Economics faculty and the area farm management agents. Subject matter areas include timely information on farm management, marketing, tax management, finance, credit, labor, agricultural law, agri-business, estate planning, 4-H and economic education, natural resources, and CRD.

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Report Evaluates Intelligent Use of Manure

Report Evaluates Intelligent Use of Manure

The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 directed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to evaluate the role of animal manure as a source of fertilizer, and its other uses.

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Where’s the beef? Here in the Corn State

Where’s the beef? Here in the Corn State


The Daily Iowan

Brady McDonald said he can often be found slicing cuts of Iowa-raised beef into steaks and fillets in a restaurant kitchen, some of which might end up on the table during Sunday night’s dinner rush.

McDonald, who works for Atlas Restaurant, 127 Iowa Ave., said the restaurant serves primarily Iowa beef from within a 30-mile radius.

And even outside that 30-mile radius across Iowa, the beef industry has become a $5.1 billion contributor to the state economy. Iowa producers raise about 4 million head of beef cattle per year, ranking seventh in the nation in production of beef cows.

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