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Baxter Black, DVM:  It’s Never Easy To:

Baxter Black, DVM:  It’s Never Easy To:


  1. Trim the hind feet of a short horse
  2. Change a split rim tire

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What to expect from 2018 silage and how to feed it

What to expect from 2018 silage and how to feed it

Renato Schmidt, Anthony Hall and Bob Charley

Progressive Dairyman

As we start to prepare to feed out the silages from this growing season, we need to understand the types of stress our crops were under and how we can ensure our cattle are fed the best way possible to minimize potential issues and achieve, or get as close as possible to, our performance goals.

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How windbreaks can pay come calving

How windbreaks can pay come calving

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

During cold weather, take steps to minimize cold stress and windchill. “Here on the Northern Plains, it’s windy all the time, so windchill can be a huge factor,” says Megan Van Emon, Extension beef cattle specialist at Montana State University.

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Here’s the ugly truth about fake meat

Here’s the ugly truth about fake meat

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

These miraculous “lab-grown meat products” that will someday conquer the meats markets and save all the abused livestock actually are grown from the blood of cattle fetuses.

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Norwegian farmers keep tabs on cattle with GPS

Norwegian farmers keep tabs on cattle with GPS

Nordic Science

Researcher Morten Tofastrud heads into the outlying area of Stange municipality in Hedmark county. He is met by a herd of heavily built cows and calves thundering through the forest. These animals have nothing to do with dairy products. Instead, they will eventually end up in the meat counters of people’s local grocers.

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Cold Weather Livestock Stewardship

Cold Weather Livestock Stewardship

Rick Machen, PhD.

Texas AgriLife Research and Extension

Stockmen in Texas are not accustomed to sub-zero wind chills and neither are their livestock. A fifty degree temperature change in less than 24 hours is difficult to prepare for.

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It was business as usual on first business day of partial government shutdown

It was business as usual on first business day of partial government shutdown

Dan Flynn

Food Safety News

Everyone returning to work early Wednesday at Colorado’s big JBS beef plant had to contend with some pretty cold weather, but they did not have any concerns about whether USDA inspectors would be on hand. Without those inspectors, the largest employer in Greeley, CO, with a payroll of about 5,000, would have to shutdown.

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