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Antibiotics are only one tool

Antibiotics are only one tool

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine 

This week at the National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: A Dialogue for a Common Purpose conference in Chicago, Ron Phillips, vice president, government and public affairs for the Animal Health Institute, said consumers are confused and concerned about antibiotics used on the farm. “They have been told they are not necessary if farmers would just change their production practices,” he said.

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Proposed changes could harm cattle market

Proposed changes could harm cattle market

The Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration’s proposed rule change to the Packers and Stockyards Act seems to lead us down the road of unprecedented government intervention in the marketplace.

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Steve Cornett: Rain and Snow in Wheat Country

Steve Cornett: Rain and Snow in Wheat Country

Beef Today

There is moisture falling in some of the drought area this morning. I shot a picture a minute ago off the front porch. That is rain, I suppose, but it was snow not long ago.

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Protect cattle from winter weather

Protect cattle from winter weather

Tri State Livestock News

During the winter, cattle increase their production of body heat in response to severe cold by increasing their heart rate, respiration and blood flow. This physiological response may result in lower gains and reduced feed efficiency, even with increased feed intake.

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Nebraska Cattlemen Do Not Support Proposed Child Labor Regulations

Nebraska Cattlemen Do Not Support Proposed Child Labor Regulations

Nebraska Cattlemen opposes these regulations because rather than trying to find safety solutions; the U.S. Department of Labor has opted, by regulation, to effectively prohibit young workers from being employed in agriculture at all.

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Antibiotics and the healthy cow equation

Antibiotics and the healthy cow equation



When he’s not busy with birthing, feeding and moving cattle, Chuck Massengill is busy keeping his animals healthy.

And that sometimes means administering drugs.

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Build A High-Profit Beef Business

Build A High-Profit Beef Business

Harold Harpster

Wallaces Farmer

Times are pretty good for cow-calf producers – except for those in drought-plagued regions. And, the future looks even brighter for at least the next several years.

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