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Baxter Black, DVM: The Supersalesman

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Supersalesman

Slicker’n deer guts on a doorstep!

Smooth as a filly’s nose!

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Got my cattle DNA data report … now what?

Got my cattle DNA data report … now what?

John Paterson

Progressive Cattleman

You just got your DNA data back from the lab and now you’re wondering: How do I effectively use the report? As a commercial producer, the main use of the information is to identify the best heifers and place selection pressure on the traits of fertility, stayability and calving ease.

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Value of bull to commercial herd exceeds ‘relative’ value

Value of bull to commercial herd exceeds ‘relative’ value

Paul Schattenberg

Texas AgriLife

“In publications referencing cattle values for commercial producers as well as reports from beef breed associations, the value of a bull is often given as equivalent to the average value of five weaned calves,” said Dr. Joe Paschal, AgriLife Extension livestock specialist, Corpus Christi. “This has been a long-held comparison for determining the value of a bull, but it really doesn’t take into account all aspects of what bulls provide to the herd.”

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Cow demands more than fall pastures can provide

Cow demands more than fall pastures can provide

Melissa Bravo

Progressive Forage

We’ve all had one in our herd now and again; I call mine Big Bertha. She’s not the boss cow. That’s because she’s just too big and too slow to be bothered with defending her territory to be first in line to the barn. The largest matriarch in the herd, she’s got a 7 body condition score any day of the week.

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The 4 R’s of Feeding the Cow Herd

The 4 R’s of Feeding the Cow Herd

Al Gahler

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The end of the growing season is near, and for cattle producers in Ohio, that means the beginning of the season that challenges the profitability of a cow/calf operation more than any other aspect.  That’s right, feeding a cow through the winter is the number one cost of production, and the days of $2.50 and higher feeder calves that made it pretty easy to pay the winter feed bill are a fond but distant memory.

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Drought pushes early calf sales in western ND

Drought pushes early calf sales in western ND

Jenny Schlecht


The crew at Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange tossed out bags of sawdust after the first few groups of calves went through the ring at the Stockmen’s West barn. There was no point in spreading the sawdust around — there would be plenty of hooves to do that.

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8 tips from an old-timer on how to succeed in ranching

8 tips from an old-timer on how to succeed in ranching

Jolyn Young

Beef Magazine

It’s a fight he’ll likely never win. But with an extensive prescribed burn, herbicide and grubbing program, Andrew Bivins hopes to eventually mimic Mother Nature in minimizing forage loss caused by the pasture predators of brush and weeds.

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Grazing cattle with cover crops

Grazing cattle with cover crops

Spike Jordan

Scottsbluff Star Herald

On a Friday morning, the Petersons of Plum Thicket Farms south of Gordon were moving weaned calves from one field of cover crops to the next. Patrick Peterson, and his parents, Rex and Nancy, are one of eight private landowners across the state who’ve agreed to team up with the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition and the University of Nebraska Extension to embark on a three year study sponsored by the Nebraska Environmental Trust, examining the impacts and efficacy of grazing cover crops on row crop acres.

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What’s Next for WOTUS?

What’s Next for WOTUS?

John Dillard

AG Web

Few things in recent history have unified the agriculture community more than the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule. The 2015 regulation was an easy target and timed perfectly for the election. In the wake of the 2016 election, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps) announced their intention to rescind the regulation. That’s the end of it, right? Not yet.

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Communicator Summit delves into sustainability of beef

Communicator Summit delves into sustainability of beef

David Cooper

Progressive Cattleman

Sustainability in beef. OK, I know what you’re thinking. What does that even mean? For most ranchers, sustainability is defined as having grandkids ready to take over the ranch, and tires that last four years on the pickup.

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Beef RoundTable: Charting the future: National Beef Quality Audit results

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. That quote by Peter Drucker is as true today as it was when first uttered. That’s especially true in the beef business.

Add value by culling, feeding

Add value by culling, feeding

Justin Sexten

Ag Update

Weaning and “preg checking” tell us how successful our last two breeding seasons were. If you fell short in meeting any challenge like keeping pastures vegetative or replacement heifers without records, those effects are in full view when calves cross the scale at weaning.

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Tax Reform Needs to Include These Five Principles

Tax Reform Needs to Include These Five Principles

Northern AG

Tax reform has recently taken center stage in Congress, and the discussions and news stories are heating up. Farmers and ranchers are especially interested in the discussion, as agriculture is a high-risk, high-input, capital-intensive business that needs certain provisions in the tax code essential for success.

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Custom Grazer Gets 46 Months in Prison for Grazing Fraud

Custom Grazer Gets 46 Months in Prison for Grazing Fraud

Wyatt Bechtel


A rancher in in South Dakota has been sentenced to 46 months in prison and must pay back cattle producers after lying about grazing he could offer. Keith Hagen from Sisseton, S.D., was found guilty on eight counts of fraud by a federal jury on June 28. He was sentenced by a federal court in Aberdeen on Oct. 16.

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Holy Cow! A Bull Is Running Around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

Holy Cow! A Bull Is Running Around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

Dan Nosowitz

Modern Farmer

Around 11 a.m. this morning, a single loose bovine was spotted in New York City’s most populous borough before being corralled into scenic Prospect Park, a sprawling, Olmsted-designed green space in the center of Brooklyn. It appears to be a bull, and reports indicate that it may have escaped from a slaughterhouse.

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‘Before The Plate’: A new generation faced with a new problem

‘Before The Plate’: A new generation faced with a new problem

Dylan Sher

AG Daily

Farming has been at the heart of every civilization — it is a key factor that ensures its success. Drought, extreme weather, and natural predators to crops and livestock are problems that every farmer has had to deal with. However, now we face a new challenge — one that most farmers never imagined would exist. We now not only need to supply a growing population with a food supply, but we also have to convince that population that the food they are receiving is safe to eat.

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Advantages of Grass-Legume Mixes for Hay and Grazing

Advantages of Grass-Legume Mixes for Hay and Grazing

Heather Smith-Thomas

Tri-State Livestock News

Some grass hay producers in Wyoming apply a significant amount of nitrogen fertilizer to increase productivity, but chemical fertilizers increase production cost and can degrade the soil and environment if not applied carefully.

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Bawling calves and Run-away Horses

Bawling calves and Run-away Horses

Curt Pate Stockmanship

Been doing some different work the last few weeks. I presented at the Black Hills Horse Expo last weekend. I enjoyed the interaction with everyone. The people in that area are great, and I had lots of Native American interaction with our friends the Ducheneaux family and Phillip Whiteman. I really like spending time and learning the ways of the native people to help improve my quality of life.

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Oldest Cow in the World (49 Years old with 39 calvings) – Guinness World Record

Oldest Cow in the World (49 Years old with 39 calvings) – Guinness World Record

Vet Clinics

We consider 20 years is extremely old age for a Cow but a cow named “Big Bertha” lived 49 years old which holds two Guinness World Records, one is for being the oldest cow ever lived in the world and another record for lifetime breeding, having produced 39 calves.

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Keeping Up with an Ag Major: ‘There are hormones in my beef!’

Keeping Up with an Ag Major: ‘There are hormones in my beef!’

Alaina Staggs

UT Daily Beacon

This past week, a newcomer to the beef industry expressed her confusion about "implanting" in beef cattle. The "newbie" went on to explain that she had no experience in any types of implants in the beef industry, and was concerned about how such practices could affect the quality of her herd and the meat they would later produce.

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