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Video Feature: Early Calf Weaning

Video Feature: Early Calf Weaning

Dr. Casey Olsen Kansas State University discusses early weaning

What can you tell me about organic parasite control in cattle?

What can you tell me about organic parasite control in cattle?


Flies of concern may include members of the family Muscidae that includes house flies, stable flies, horn flies and face flies. Although certain flies favor barns or confinement settings and others are found more in pasture, some eat filth, others such blood and others feed on secretions, all flies reproduce rapidly and can cause trouble that it is worth the effort to prevent.

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EPA to Check CAFOs for Permit Requirements

EPA to Check CAFOs for Permit Requirements

Hoosier AG Today

  The Environmental Protection Agency says it will initiate a new national effort to track down concentrated animal feeding operations operating without permits and determine for itself if they must be regulated. This action is the result of an agreement between EPA and the National Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and Waterkeeper Alliance.

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Ohio Dairy Farm Worker Charged With Animal Cruelty

Ohio Dairy Farm Worker Charged With Animal Cruelty

Bovine Veterinarian

A dairy farm worker was charged Wednesday with 12 counts of cruelty to animals after a welfare group released a video it says shows him and others beating cows with crowbars and poking them with pitchforks.

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BeefTalk: Enter Small Cows, Stage Right

BeefTalk: Enter Small Cows, Stage Right

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

In the northern Plains cattle business, late spring and summer are fun. No matter what type of beef operation, the shift to warmer weather is appreciated. Regardless of where a producer is at, spring and summer generally mean calving followed by breeding.

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Beef Cattle SPA Workshop set for June 8

Beef Cattle SPA Workshop set for June 8

San Saba Star and News

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service will conduct a cow/calf Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) workshop on Tuesday, June 8, 2010. It will be held at the Brown County Extension Office, 605 Fisk Avenue in Brownwood, Texas. The SPA workshop and analysis is designed to help producers reduce their cost of production and improve their production and marketing efficiency.

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Figuring Out AU’s per Acres Grazed

Figuring Out AU’s per Acres Grazed

   Traditionally, pastures have been stocked on the basis of animals per acre per season. This approach presents problems because of variation in animal age and weight. Weights of different kinds of beef cattle have changed dramatically in the last 15 years because of genetic improvement and/or crossbreeding.

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