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Looks like a tough summer for forage and cattle

Looks like a tough summer for forage and cattle

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

The latest drought monitor map shows a large area of dry soil and stressed forage across a very large area of the Southwest, Southern Plains and the Northern Plains. Further, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is suggesting the droughty areas will stay relatively dry — although with some relief in the central Plains — through the summer.

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Can drylot for the beef herd work for you?

Can drylot for the beef herd work for you?


Farm & Ranch Guide

Some parts of the region have not received adequate moisture to get the pastures and rangeland growing which will mean a feed shortage for cattle herds this summer and fall. One method to counteract the dry conditions is putting the cowherd in a drylot situation, and the Carrington Research Extension Center has maintained a cowherd in a drylot system for the past 40 years, according to Karl Hoppe, area livestock systems specialist at the CREC.

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Forecasting for the Future

Forecasting for the Future

Kayla Jennings

Hereford World

Calves are on the ground and many ranchers are soon to begin weaning. It won’t be long before fall hits and producers begin looking for the best avenue to market their calves. This time of year lends itself to much thought regarding the cattle market forecast for 2018. Fortunately for cattle producers across the country, the state of the cattle market has been optimistic, but that outlook could change in 2018.

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New livestock-hauling bill aims to take some of the bite out of the ELD mandate

New livestock-hauling bill aims to take some of the bite out of the ELD mandate

Ag Daily

The Electronic Logging Mandate has been a major concern for the livestock industry throughout all of 2018. Officially implemented on Dec. 18, 2017, but given multiple extensions since then, the meat of the mandate may soon have a whole lot less bite to it. Wednesday afternoon, a bipartisan group of senators introduced the Transporting Livestock Across America Safely Act, which will seek to ease the burden of far-reaching Hours-of-Service and Electronic Logging Devices regulations for haulers of livestock and insects.

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Improving protein nutrition with amino acids

Improving protein nutrition with amino acids

Steve Blezinger

Progressive Cattleman

One of the most common topics discussed when feeding pasture and breeding cattle is protein. Producers are concerned with crude protein in their hays, pastures, supplements and so on.

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Keith L. Belli Named Dean of Clemson’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

Keith L. Belli Named Dean of Clemson’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

Tara Romanella


Keith L. Belli, the head of the University of Tennessee’s Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, has been named dean of Clemson University’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS). He will assume his new role Sept. 1, succeeding George R. Askew Jr., who will continue to serve as vice president of Clemson Public Service and Agriculture (PSA).

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Hay Quality is Controlled by Maturity

Hay Quality is Controlled by Maturity

Gary Bates


Very soon millions of acres of grass will be harvested for hay. The majority of this will be stored as round bales to be fed during the winter. This hay will provide the diet for beef cows to come through the winter in good condition so they can be productive.

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Mexican buyers tour Missouri/Illinois cattle operations

Mexican buyers tour Missouri/Illinois cattle operations

Julie Harker

Brownfield Ag News

A group of Mexican buyers are touring cattle operations in Missouri and Illinois this week sponsored by ag departments in both states. On Tuesday, the buyers from Mexico visited Mead Farms, a seedstock operation in Barnett, Missouri dealing with Angus, Red Angus, Charolais and Herefords.

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6 things employers look for in an employee

6 things employers look for in an employee

Tom J Bechman

Prairie Farmer

As part of the recent Ag to Asphalt Day, five human resources specialists from member-companies in the Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana answered questions from high school students while volunteer crews paved the parking lot at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center.

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California scientists hope feeding cows seaweed will make them less gassy

California scientists hope feeding cows seaweed will make them less gassy

Jeff Daniels


California is pushing for a reduction in greenhouse gases generated from cows, and adding seaweed to the cattle’s feed shows promise in reducing potent methane emissions by more than 30 percent, researchers said this week.

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