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The Top Ten reasons a farmer shouldn’t have pierced ears:

The Top Ten reasons a farmer shouldn’t have pierced ears:

Mark Parker


  1. Hoop earrings, horned bull in the chute, bad combination.
  2. You have to explain to the vet that the cow with hardware disease might be the result of a lost hangy-down earring.

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Monitor for Ticks When Working Pasture

Monitor for Ticks When Working Pasture

Timothy McDermott

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

There has been an increase in tick-vectored diseases in Ohio to livestock, companion animals and humans over the last several years. This has occurred as the different tick species that inhabit Ohio have increased their habitat range and gradual spread from the south and east towards the north.

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Minerals matter: supplementation for beef cattle

Minerals matter: supplementation for beef cattle

Samantha Foster

The Stanly News and Press

With warming temperatures and plenty of rain, pastures will become lush and our grazing cattle will have a veritable buffet at their hoof-tips. However, looks can be deceiving: that attractive strand of forage may not be meeting all of a bovine’s nutritional requirements. Many of our soils here in the Southeast are deficient in nutrients such as copper and selenium and, as a result, so are our forages.

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No Bull, Genetic Testing on the Rise for Better Beef

No Bull, Genetic Testing on the Rise for Better Beef


Concerns about the use of DNA testing technology for eugenics is a perpetual concern, but in the search for better beef, genetic profiling of bulls is gaining traction. According to radio station KUNC, bull breeders are increasingly turning to genetic testing to fetch the highest prices for the best bulls based on the animals’ genetic profiles.

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When animals cough repeatedly, it’s time to pay attention

When animals cough repeatedly, it’s time to pay attention

Rhonda McCurry

Kansas Farmer

When respiratory issues affect our livestock, it is time for action. Any fluctuation in temperature or a big rainfall seems to make our heifers and goats a little snotty. Not in attitude but literally, giving them a runny, snotty nose. It is annoying and gross, but also a sign that there might be something wrong with the animal internally.

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Couple Find Niche With Premium Beef

Couple Find Niche With Premium Beef

Philip Gruber

Lancaster Farming

Rob and Amy Hess didn’t exactly set out to run a cattle farm dedicated to quality genetics and premium meat. But thanks to a few big breaks and some careful planning, they have turned Bow Creek Farm into a full-time business that provides beef to one of the Harrisburg area’s finest restaurants. It’s all been a process of gradual growth.

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Tyson Foods backs Israeli startup to grow meat in the lab

Tyson Foods backs Israeli startup to grow meat in the lab


Future Meat Technologies focuses on producing fat and muscle cells that are the core building blocks of meat, and is one of several firms working on technology to match rising demand for meat without adding more pressure on land from livestock.

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