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BeefTalk: On Day 21 Following Bull Turnout, 60 Percent of Cows Bred

BeefTalk: On Day 21 Following Bull Turnout, 60 Percent of Cows Bred

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

Are the cows ready to breed, and will 60 percent conceive a calf within 21 days following bull turnout? In reality, cattle never should be out of shape for breeding. Weather and feed supplies always should be managed so animals are in good condition. The important point, however, is to know where the cattle operation is at, avoiding unforeseen disappointments next fall.

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Why ‘veggie meat’ won’t replace beef

Why ‘veggie meat’ won’t replace beef

Justin Sexten

Farm and Ranch Guide

Lately the news is overrun with features on how we humans plan to shift away from meat as we’ve always known it to plant protein alternatives. Personally, I refuse to call it meat; vegetables and legumes in a meat-like form perhaps, but meat it is not.

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How to prevent a baler fire

How to prevent a baler fire

Katelin Spradley

Progressive Forage

After months of planning and preparation, the last thing you want is to watch your efforts and equipment go up in flames. In a few minutes, a baler fire can devastate an operation, one that can be easily prevented. “For one thing, it doesn’t make any difference what brand or color the baler is,” says Jim Bailey, who owns a custom baling operation and has been baling hay south of Fort Worth, Texas, for more than 30 years. “They’ll all burn.”

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Respect the food supply with safe injection sites

Respect the food supply with safe injection sites

Progressive Cattleman

David Cooper

When National Beef Quality audits from three decades ago began revealing bruised carcasses and primals, butchers and retailers told industry representatives there was a problem – cancer in their beef cattle. “It wasn’t cancer,” said Dan Hale, an extension meat specialist at Texas A&M University. “It was people giving (injections) in the top half of the carcass.”

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Searching for Excellence at Kallion Farms

Searching for Excellence at Kallion Farms

Maggie Malson

The Cattleman

Kallion means “better” in Greek, and progressive, young cattleman Grant Vassberg has committed himself to making his cattle and the industry better, one Brahman at a time. The owner of Kallion Farms, a purebred Brahman ranch in College Station, describes himself as driven. “I’m constantly trying to be better,” he says.

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USDA moves modified FMD virus to mainland for better vaccine creation

USDA moves modified FMD virus to mainland for better vaccine creation

The Cattle Business Weekly

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has authorized the movement of a modified, non-infectious version of the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) virus from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center to the U.S. mainland for the purposes of continued vaccine development and study. While modified FMD virus is unable to cause disease and presents no risk of transmitting the disease, it is still live FMD virus, and Federal law requires the Secretary’s approval for this movement.

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What goes around, comes around with protein

What goes around, comes around with protein

John McKinnon

Canadian Cattleman

With respect to cattle nutrition, there are some topics that never seem to go away. They might drop out of the spotlight for a period of time, but they always seem to re-emerge, typically at a critical time in the production cycle. I could give numerous examples, but for the purposes of this and next month’s article, I will focus on protein nutrition. What has focused my attention on this subject was several discussions with producers this past winter.

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