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BeefTalk: Pasturing – Get it Right

BeefTalk: Pasturing – Get it Right

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

Pastures and cattle seem synonymous, co-dependent. Pasturing is a product of domestication, the need to keep cattle in a desired area and properly engage cattle with plants. To the bystander, pasturing may seem like a cumbersome human activity, building fences, developing water stations and imaginative gates.

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Time for pasture weed control

Time for pasture weed control


Now is an excellent time to make choices about managing weeds in pastures. Before applying herbicides for chemical control you first need to answer the question, “Why do I have weeds in my pasture?” If a management issue such as overstocking, spot grazing, low grass vigor or something else is causing the increase in weed numbers, then weeds are symptoms, not the real root of the problem. Managing for improved grass vigor through better soil fertility and grazing at the proper time and intensity can greatly reduce most weed issues, particularly annual weeds.

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A Glimpse Into South African Beef Production

A Glimpse Into South African Beef Production

Julie Walker


Traveling outside the USA creates an opportunity for individuals to compare and evaluate agricultural production practices. Recently, I had the opportunity to see and learn about the beef industry in South Africa.

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Fertilizing bermudagrass pastures

Fertilizing bermudagrass pastures

Eddie Funderburg

Hay and Forage Magazine

Many factors should be considered when determining how much, if any, fertilizer to apply to bermudagrass pastures. In the Southern Great Plains, here are some of the things that we take into consideration. You might have additional considerations in your area.

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Ideas for Mob Grazing Paddock Design

Ideas for Mob Grazing Paddock Design

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

When Jay and Krista Reiser couldn’t find the answers they needed about the possibilities of mob grazing on large landscapes like their 2700 North Dakota ranch, they decided to try it for themselves and share the information with the rest of us.

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Time to evaluate hair shedding on cattle

Time to evaluate hair shedding on cattle

Western Livestock Journal

May is a good time to score your cow herd for hair shedding, according to Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension. “Hair shedding is around 0.35 percent heritable. That means you can select cattle that shed off more quickly than others,” said Cole.

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How Good Accounting Practices Aid Decision Making

How Good Accounting Practices Aid Decision Making

Austin Duerfeldt

University of Nebraska

It was 2011. I was hired as an accountant to review a farm operation and its various operations: corn, soybeans, dairy, beef, hogs, and chickens. Corn and soybean prices were setting record highs every day it seemed. The livestock markets also were doing well. For the given economic climate the farm operation review should have been relatively straightforward. Unfortunately, I found that not to be the case.

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Incorporating clovers in rotational grazing

Incorporating clovers in rotational grazing

Laura Mushrush

Progressive Forage

Livestock producers whose cattle rotationally graze permanent pasture or reseeded leys have the opportunity to cash in on the multiple benefits legumes have to offer by adding them to their forage systems, says Jerry Hall, director of research for Grassland Oregon.

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Cattlemen’s stewardship efforts highlighted in new report

Cattlemen’s stewardship efforts highlighted in new report

Melissa Hemken

Beef Magazine

Cattlemen and women vary in cultural background as much as their farms and ranches do in scope. To learn more about the people raising cattle in the U.S., the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) recently completed its second— the first was in 2010 — national Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review. The review assesses demographics, management practices, values and community engagement of cattlemen and women.

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A few minutes with Megan Brown: Sexism in agriculture

A few minutes with Megan Brown: Sexism in agriculture

Chuck Jolley


Let me say up front that sexism in agriculture rarely reaches the Harvey Weinstein level but every profession has its share of people who just don’t get it, or simply refuse to get it. Call it the insensitive male’s prerogative if you must, or chalk it up to good ol’ boys being good ol’ boys, but ag has been traditionally dominated by men. Accepting women on an equal footing? Now that might prove to be a tough row to hoe.

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