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U.S. Beef Industry Finds $1.1 Billion

U.S. Beef Industry Finds $1.1 Billion

Diane Meyer


The beef industry still forfeits 22% of the money it could pull in each year, says meat scientist Gary Smith. The Texas A&M and Colorado State University professor worked with Kansas State University economist Dustin Pendell to review progress since a 1990 paper by then National Cattlemen’s Association economist Chuck Lambert.

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Black is Only a Color

Black is Only a Color

Don Ashford

On Pasture

Now y’all understand most of what I write about is from my experiences. I have owned Brangus cattle and thought that they did a decent job. But when the black craze came along we thought the price that some folks were willing to pay made them too expensive for us to own.

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Prevent Losses to Scours

Prevent Losses to Scours

Dr. Ken McMillan

An accurate diagnosis is the first step to preventing future outbreaks and the loss of calves to scours. If cows are thin, or lacking in balanced nutrition including minerals, colostrum quality may suffer. All of these things can work together to increase the potential for sick calves.

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U.S. framework for beef sustainability released

U.S. framework for beef sustainability released

Western Livestock Journal

The USRSB Sustainability Framework is a set of resources developed to assist ranchers, cattle auction markets, feedyards, packers, processors, and retail and food service organizations in their efforts to continuously improve the sustainability of U.S. beef.

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Monitor minerals among cowherd

Monitor minerals among cowherd

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

Hall noted copper is the number one mineral deficiency in cattle nationwide, but also shared that selenium, zinc, Vitamins A and E, and manganese are frequently deficient. He explained deficiencies can decrease growth rates, drag down immune systems, and contribute to other health risks. Thus, Hall stressed the importance of testing cows and calves to asses – and correct – mineral deficiencies, and ultimately add performance and profit to cattle.

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Audit reveals an increase in overall consumer satisfaction with retail beef steaks

Audit reveals an increase in overall consumer satisfaction with retail beef steaks

Piper Whelan

Canadian Cattleman

The latest National Beef Quality Audit shows that while consumer satisfaction remains high, the Canadian beef industry can make improvements related to carcass quality.

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Don’t Let Potash Limit Your Forages

Don’t Let Potash Limit Your Forages

Jimmy Henning
Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Potassium can be a neglected nutrient in forages, especially hayfields. Potassium is needed for many essential plant processes including stomatal opening and closing (regulates water status of plant), winter hardiness, and resistance to plant disease and stress. Fall is a great time to sample pasture and hayfields and apply needed fertilizer such as potash (K2O).

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Is China a threat to gobble up international agriculture?

Is China a threat to gobble up international agriculture?

Beef Magazine

According to a study released by USDA’s Economic Research Service, Chinese companies have become players in international agricultural markets over the past years. Chinese officials have ambitious strategic plans for agricultural investments to reshape patterns of agricultural trade and increase China’s influence in global markets.

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MSU professorship focuses on beef cattle production in the Southeast

MSU professorship focuses on beef cattle production in the Southeast

Sarah Buckleitner

Mississippi State University

A new Mississippi State University professorship will focus on advancing beef cattle production in the state and the Southeast. Brandi Karisch, an associate extension and research professor in the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, is the inaugural Milton Sundbeck Endowed Professor in Southeastern Cattle Management.

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New report shows cattle producers committed to better beef

New report shows cattle producers committed to better beef

Ag Daily

The Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review (CSR), funded by the Beef Checkoff and completed in late 2017, is the second of its kind and compiles data collected from telephone interviews of 679 cattlemen and women across the country.

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