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Baxter Black, DVM:  Border Collie Soliloquy

Baxter Black, DVM:  Border Collie Soliloquy

Just a word about one of the greatest genetic creations on the face of this earth…the Border collie.

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Selecting for Heat Tolerant Cattle Using Coat Shedding Scores

Selecting for Heat Tolerant Cattle Using Coat Shedding Scores

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Scientists and the Farmer’s Almanac agree: this summer is going to be hotter than normal all across the U.S. and Canada. In fact, many farmers and ranchers I talk to agree that they’re seeing a trend of hotter summers over all. Everyone also agrees that heat stress reduces cattle weight gain, calf weaning weights and increases breed back failures.

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Fescue May Lower Conception Rates Two Ways

Fescue May Lower Conception Rates Two Ways

Becky Mills


Researchers and cattle producers have known for years that fescue pastures containing a common toxic endophyte can hurt cow conception rates. That same endophyte can affect semen quality in bulls, as well.

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Cattle handling: Spend time training

Cattle handling: Spend time training

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

Livestock specialist Ron Gill has frequently demonstrated how moving a group of a dozen yearling heifers down an alley and through a chute can be done calmly and quietly when low stress cattle handling principles are utilized. Gill, who is employed by Texas AgriLife Extension, can walk heifers through a chute and alley three times – without ever raising his voice, all in a matter of 45 minutes.

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Grazing management software helps track pasture performance

Grazing management software helps track pasture performance

Heather Smith Thomas

Canadian Cattleman

PastureMap is grazing management software sold around the world that got its start in no small measure because of Christine Su’s lifelong struggle with food allergies.

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Who Can Work on Your Farm

Who Can Work on Your Farm

Emily G. Adams

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

It won’t be long until hay season will be upon us. For some farms that means more labor than usual is required to get all the jobs done. That labor may include your own children or grandchildren. Today we’ll take a look at what the law allows and also consider what types of jobs kids are capable of handling from a developmental standpoint.

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‘GoGREEN’ program tags calves raised with best management practices

‘GoGREEN’ program tags calves raised with best management practices

Mary Hightower

Newton County Times

Cattle buyers looking for the best Arkansas livestock may need to look no further than the green ear tag awarded as part of the Natural State Preconditioned Calf Program. The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture program is meant to produce calves that are better prepared – or preconditioned — to deal with the stress that goes with leaving their birth ranch.

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China agrees to buy massive amount of ag products

China agrees to buy massive amount of ag products

Ag Daily

President Donald Trump was lighting up Twitter Monday morning, announcing China has agreed to buy “massive amounts” of  additional U.S. farm and agricultural products. The announcement comes just days after the administration said the trade war with China was on hold.

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Heifer Role in Beef Production Continues to Grow

Heifer Role in Beef Production Continues to Grow

Derrell Peel


The heifer contribution to beef production depends on both heifer slaughter and heifer carcass weights. Heifer slaughter varies cyclically with additional heifer retention during herd expansion and reduced retention during liquidation, thus providing much of the variation in beef production in cattle cycles.

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Beef cow herd expansion slowing?

Beef cow herd expansion slowing?

Lee Schulz

Wallaces Farmer

At first glance, producers holding fewer heifers might indicate cow herd contraction. But liquidation won’t be occurring until the number of older cows that producers cull exceeds the number of replacement heifers they add to the herd. That’s likely not happening yet.

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