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The Easiest Way to Treat Pink Eye

The Easiest Way to Treat Pink Eye

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

When visiting Greg and Jan Judy a few weeks ago, I asked Greg “What do you do about pinkeye?” “We don’t treat it,” he said. “We found that if we treated it the cow got better in 2 or 3 weeks. If we didn’t treat it, the cow got better in 2 or 3 weeks.”

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Implanting the Suckling Calf

Implanting the Suckling Calf

Erin Laborie

University of Nebraska

The use of growth implants has shown to be an effective tool in increasing production from the ranch to the feedlot. Implants cause a delay in fat deposition and an increase in lean tissue accretion while ultimately changing frame size. These growth promotants have been reported to increase gains of suckling calves by four to six percent (Griffin and Mader, 1997).

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Making Forage Improvements

Making Forage Improvements

John F. Grimes

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

We are currently at a very important point in the annual beef and forage production calendar. We are concluding the winter hay feeding season and transitioning to the spring grazing season. Most producers are welcoming this change as we have just experienced a difficult winter with extreme conditions ranging from bitter sub-zero temperatures to excessive mud. I know that I am ready for warmer temperatures and greener grass!

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Forage digestibility – NDFd and uNDF – with corn silage hybrids

Forage digestibility – NDFd and uNDF – with corn silage hybrids

Bill Powel-Smith

Progressive Dairyman

When selecting corn hybrids, dairy farmers often consider a variety of factors that play a role in the nutritional quality for dairy rations. Today’s corn silage hybrids offer high yield potential but can vary substantially in nutritional quality depending on genetics and environmental factors.

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Meet the Ranchers Raising Beef for Dallas Plates

Meet the Ranchers Raising Beef for Dallas Plates

Evan Hill Agnus

D Magazine

Chefs speak of them with respect and awe. Some have gone to see the cattle graze. The local ranchers who have partnered with a number of top Dallas steakhouses are worthy stewards of the meat that lands on our tables well-charred, heartbreakingly marbled. They can speak of their beasts—they know them well. With the advent of the new age of boutique meat, growing relationships between restaurateurs and these ranchers have tightened the link between farm to plate and raised the bar on your meltingly tender rib-eye.

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Prepare to Breed Heifers

Prepare to Breed Heifers

Taylor Grussing


Spring snow storms have brought mud back to much of the Dakota’s and Minnesota, leaving cattle producers waiting for warm weather, green grass and ideal planting conditions. Of course this is not the spring we were hoping for, but make the most of your time waiting to jump in the tractor and planter by making sure your replacement heifers are ready for breeding and take the right steps to get heifers bred in a timely manner this spring.

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The Importance of Mineral Supplementation

The Importance of Mineral Supplementation


The major nutrient requirements for livestock are: water, energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. In many cases, producers do a good job of providing enough water and adequate energy and protein sources. However, many producers fall short in providing the best nutritional program possible by purchasing “cheap” vitamin and mineral source or failing to provide a vitamin and mineral source at all. Mineral nutrition for the cow is important year-round, but is particularly important during late gestation, calving and re-breeding.

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Online training modules offer more opportunities for people to become BQA certified.

Online training modules offer more opportunities for people to become BQA certified.

Paige Nelson

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

In 2017, BQA launched a series of online training modules, DeCoite reported. Those modules had garnered more than 24,000 enrollees and delivered 14,000 certifications by the 2018 convention.

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Tama beef plant has ‘raised price of black cattle’

Tama beef plant has ‘raised price of black cattle’

Erin Jordan

The Gazette

The Iowa Premium beef processing plant near Tama has helped Iowa beef producers by expanding the market for sales, allowing some producers to upgrade barns and expand herds, producers and plant officials said.

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The Ranch Horse is Not Obsolete

The Ranch Horse is Not Obsolete

Jared Wareham


The cowboy is an iconic image of the American West. Epic scenes of dust-choked cattle drives with Gus and Captain Call or Jim Craig and his mountain horse racing after the wild horse mob, ignite the dreamer in all of us. As ole Gus put it, “Ain’t nothing better than ridin’ a fine horse through new country.” Cowboys and horses will forever be etched in Western lore and stir emotions deep within.


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