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Baxter Black, DVM:  Officer In Need Of Assistance

Baxter Black, DVM:  Officer In Need Of Assistance

Clair hired out to Bob punchin’ cows. Clair soon realized it was more like working at a wild game park than a cattle farm.

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The sin of all sins

The sin of all sins

Robert Fears

Hay and Forage Producer

Overgrazing and its effects on pasture and animal productivity has plagued farmers and ranchers for decades. There are many reasons for overgrazing, but none are economically sound.

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Wait! A Test to See if Your Grasses Are Ready to Graze

Wait! A Test to See if Your Grasses Are Ready to Graze

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

The last year has been difficult to manage for pasture health and production. First, some rangelands are recovering from poor precipitation received during last year’s growing season. Now, cool weather this spring lowered the average soil temperature. While cool-season grasses break winter dormancy when the soil temperature is a few degrees above freezing, warm-season grasses prefer soil temperatures above 50 degrees F to break dormancy and begin growth. Both previous year drought and soil/air temperature affect how you should manage your pastures this growing season.

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Defining Meat Gets Complicated

Defining Meat Gets Complicated

Chris Clayton


Clean, cultured beef. It’s what’s for dinner — maybe in the near future. But don’t call it “meat” or “beef.” Perhaps something more along the lines of “cell-cultured protein.” The science of growing protein from cultured cells is moving fast and so are the prospects for commercial sales. But the arguments are heating up over how to define and regulate these products, which are grown in a laboratory instead of being raised in a pasture and slaughtered as meat.

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Hauling Pen-Pack Manure

Hauling Pen-Pack Manure

Glen Arnold

Ohio BEEF Cattle Letter

Since spring has arrived, both large and small livestock owners with pen-pack manure are looking to apply the manure as soon as field conditions allow. Across the state I have seen stockpiles of pen-pack manure outside of sheep, horse, cattle, and dairy buildings. The nutrients and organic matter in pen-pack manure are an excellent addition to farm fields.

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How Prized Bull Semen And DNA Testing Are Reshaping America’s Beef Herd

How Prized Bull Semen And DNA Testing Are Reshaping America’s Beef Herd

Kristen Husted

National Public Radio

Beef cattle ranchers are getting wise to the science of genetics. They have always known that making the best steak starts long before consumers pick out the right cut, such as where an animal grazes or what it eats. The key is in the genetic makeup — or DNA — of the herd. And over the past year, those genetics have taken a historic leap thanks to new, predictive DNA technology.

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IGS Releases Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation Powered by BOLT

IGS Releases Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation Powered by BOLT

American Simmental Association

International Genetic Solutions (IGS) is an unprecedented collaboration between progressive breed associations fervently committed to enhancing commercial profitability.  The collaboration has yielded the world’s largest genetic evaluation of beef cattle with over 17 million animals and 120,000+ genotypes.

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