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BeefTalk: Beef Production Weaning 498 Pounds Per Cow Exposed

BeefTalk: Beef Production Weaning 498 Pounds Per Cow Exposed

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Friendly, conversational chitchat rules at cattle gatherings. Conversation guides us, particularly when someone casually notes the ranch had just marketed a 91 percent calf crop with an average weight of 568 pounds for 192-day-old steer calves.Silence prevailed until the neighbor asked, “Are you sure?” “Yep,” the rancher replied, “but I was just average. Maybe someday I can manage my way to the upper third.”

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When the ideal grazing scenario does not work

When the ideal grazing scenario does not work

Chris Penrose

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Over the years, I have been asked “What is the ideal number of paddocks to have?” There are many factors involved and everyone’s situation is different, but if I had to give that answer, I would say eleven paddocks. That way we can move every three days and grazing forages from eight to three inches would be the ideal scenario. Those eleven paddocks and moving every three days gives each paddock thirty days to recover.

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Beef Is Back for Dinner as Marketers Woo Nostalgic Millennials

Beef Is Back for Dinner as Marketers Woo Nostalgic Millennials

Alexandra Bruell

Wall Street Journal

Beef is back for dinner. The U.S. beef industry is resurrecting its 25-year-old tagline, “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner,” in a marketing campaign aimed at millennials that have childhood memories of the slogan and want to know more about their food.

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Standing corn an option for extended beef grazing

Standing corn an option for extended beef grazing

Alexis Stockford

Mantoba Cooperator

If a cow is grazing, you don’t have to feed it. It’s a deceptively simple statement, and the basis for many cattle producers looking at extended grazing to cut costs. Farmers have looked at bale grazing, forage stockpiling and swath grazing, among others; but another grazing system has caught the interest of some beef producers, standing corn.

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Giving cattle injections? Do it right

Giving cattle injections? Do it right

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

If there’s one thing that most cattle and most cattle producers can count on, it’s that shots will have to be given, even in natural or organic production systems. The simple truth is that vaccines, injectable vitamins and minerals, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and other animal health products are administered to virtually all U.S. cattle.

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Advanced Cell Grazing

Advanced Cell Grazing

Permaculture Research Institute

It has been said before, and most of us permaculturists have used our power of observation to see, that nature will opt for balance. This becomes apparent when we see an overgrazed pasture begins to degenerate and before long the cows and/or sheep start getting intestinal parasites. Or we see this when we over plow soil and the result is that we get an abrupt influx of weedy legumes to accumulate nutrient. In the end nature wins.

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Oklahoma beef producers vote down checkoff increase

Oklahoma beef producers vote down checkoff increase


The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry (ODAFF) announced the refundable Oklahoma Beef Checkoff referendum failed with 2,506 no votes and 1,998 yes votes. If passed, the new beef checkoff program would have mandated all Oklahoma cattle producers pay the Oklahoma Beef Council an additional one dollar for every head of cattle they sell. Currently, under a federally mandated beef checkoff program, all cattle producers are required to pay one dollar. This state referendum would bring in an additional $3.2 million a year.

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Local legislators, ranchers say Chinese beef deal will be boon to state’s agriculture

Local legislators, ranchers say Chinese beef deal will be boon to state’s agriculture


Montana Standard

The Montana Stockgrowers Association’s $300 million deal with the Chinese eCommerce company JD.com will likely put more money in the pockets of ranchers in southwest Montana, local legislators and ranchers say.


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Beef – Duello Style – Pine Bluffs Post

Beef – Duello Style – Pine Bluffs Post

Pine Bluffs Post

Dave Duello is a well seasoned cattle rancher in the Pine Bluffs area. The ranch he works is better known as Duello Cattle Company. His main focus as a cattle rancher is to produce a specific quality of cattle.

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Most people meet in a cattle market, this couple got married in one!

Most people meet in a cattle market, this couple got married in one!


A bride embraced her farmer husband’s career by getting married in a livestock market while her white wedding dress trailed through cowpat-stained cattle pens. When Abi, 23, and Adam Nadolski, 29, revealed the venue of Melton Mowbray Market in Leicestershire to friends, they replied: ‘I can’t believe you would let him do that’.

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