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Basics of cow-calf nutrition

Basics of cow-calf nutrition

Dan E, Gar

Beef Magazine

We as human beings have a habit of making things a lot more complicated than they need to be. Cow-calf nutrition is no exception … it’s pretty simple and straight forward. I believe the place to  start is pasture or range management and stocking rates. Years ago, an old timer told me to stock pastures according to the average annual precipitation.

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American Angus Builds Feeder Calf Program

American Angus Builds Feeder Calf Program

Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer

All the details aren’t in yet, but the American Angus Association (AAA) has taken an unusual step for a breed organization—buying Verified Beef this month. The third-party verification services program helps producers market feeder calves in niche markets, emphasizing things like animal identification and traceability. The reason for the acquisition, according to AAA chief executive officer, Allen Moczygemba, is to create a feeder calf program that will be built on the use of registered Angus bulls.

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Young, hard-working Urlachers: Seeds for seedstock success

Young, hard-working Urlachers: Seeds for seedstock success


Farm & Ranch Guide

In southwestern North Dakota, a group of hardy coming 2-year-old Black Angus bulls – the nice shine on their coats an extra plus – were chomping away on the morning’s ration in the feedlot on a Saturday in late October. Bred cows and heifers were out grazing in the pastures. Bull spring calves were in another area grazing. In these easy rolling hills where native prairie and other grasses flourish, and many varieties of feed and other crops are grown, Gregg and Mary Urlacher operate a Black Angus seedstock business.

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I’m an Oregon rancher. Here’s what you don’t understand about the Bundy standoff.

I’m an Oregon rancher. Here’s what you don’t understand about the Bundy standoff.

Keith Nantz

Washington Post

I grew up in a ranching community in northeast Oregon. Even as a kid, I knew I wanted to be a rancher. After eight years as a firefighter, I’d saved enough to start my own business. I wanted to work on the land, raising delicious, wholesome beef for our growing population.

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Solar-Powered Cattle Feeder Delivers Optimal Nutrition Efficiency

Solar-Powered Cattle Feeder Delivers Optimal Nutrition Efficiency

Laurie Bedord

Successful Farming

Committed to developing high-quality animals, Barney analyzed ways to deliver optimally controlled nutrition. As the president of Service Line, Inc., he also wanted to provide a more efficient, less labor-intense feeding process for his livestock. That quest led him to develop the Hanen Automatic Solar-Powered Programmable Cattle Feeder.

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Cattle ranching on the island of Kauai

Cattle ranching on the island of Kauai

Duane McCartney

Canadian Cattleman

In the rain shadow of one of the wettest spots in the world, at 39 feet of rain per year, is the Kunoa cattle ranch on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It is one of the many ranches statewide that ship some 70,000 head of cattle each year to Canada and the U.S. mainland. However, there are big changes in the way beef is raised and sold in Hawaii.

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Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association to Hold 33rd Annual Convention and Trade Show

Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association to Hold 33rd Annual Convention and Trade Show

Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association

The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association (TCA) will celebrate 33 years of serving the state’s cattle producers with its annual convention and trade show in Murfreesboro, Tenn. on January 26-27. Nearly 1,000 attendees will hear from top livestock industry speakers addressing topics like herd health, forage systems, sustainability, and the current state of the beef business.

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