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Baxter Black, DVM: MOOSE ALERT

Baxter Black, DVM: MOOSE ALERT

Many of the animals rights groups give awards to citizens who perform good deeds on behalf of animals. These deeds are usually along the line of rescuing mistreated horses, homeless cats or HBC dogs (hit by car). Rarely do any cowboys receive an award. I would like to nominate Andy for his daring moose rescue last fall.

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Do Not Ignore Vaccine Fundamentals

Do Not Ignore Vaccine Fundamentals

Lee Jones

Cattle Today

Even in this technological age, it’s the simple things we do that are usually the most effective. You can buy a fancy, expensive pickup with all the gadgets but if you don ‘t maintain it right, it won’t last.

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The impact of dressing percent on cull cow marketing

The impact of dressing percent on cull cow marketing

Glenn Selk

Feedlot Magazine

Cull cows that are destined to go to the packing house are graded by their fleshiness.  The fattest cows are called “Breakers”.  Moderately fleshed cows are “Boning Utility”.  Thin cows are called “Leans” or “Lights”, depending upon the weight of the cow.  There will be price differences among these four grades.  However, within each grade, large variation in prices per hundredweight will exist because of differences in dressing percentage.

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It’s Time to Measure the Forage You Have

It’s Time to Measure the Forage You Have

Charles L. Kneuper

The Cattleman

We are at the end of the growing season for livestock forage. The grass left in the pastures is expected to carry herds through the coming months. Knowing how much forage you have and knowing how much your herd will need will drive management decisions and will indicate any changes you need to make to your grazing plan.


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When Bad Becomes Normal

When Bad Becomes Normal

Curt Pate

Curt Pate Stockmanship

I am going to Castle Rock, Colorado to do a cattlehandling presentation for Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Saturday with Temple Grandin. I have heard Temple use the term “when bad becomes normal” many times.

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Meet Giles County Beef Farmer Steve Scott

Meet Giles County Beef Farmer Steve Scott

Melissa Bratton

Tennessee Home and Farm

I always start off in the morning checking the cows. I have 74 momma cows right now. I am building my herd by breeding horned Hereford bulls to 25 Red Angus cows and keeping the calves to breed back. I calve in the fall with a 90-day calving season and market my cows with Tennessee Livestock Producers. I am proud of my genetics and want to keep that hybrid vigor strong in my herd. I look for growth traits and a better all-around calf when I breed.

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Cattle Markets Impacted By Camera Grading Inaccuracies

Cattle Markets Impacted By Camera Grading Inaccuracies

Greg Henderson


Beef carcasses graded by USDA’s new camera-grading technology may have been over-graded in recent months, delivering higher premiums to producers, but leaving packers with a short supply of high quality beef heading into a peak holiday demand season.

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Bigger isn’t always better when picking profitable cows

Bigger isn’t always better when picking profitable cows

Jenny Schlecht


No one goes into the cattle business to lose money. But Kris Ringwall, livestock specialist and director of the Dickinson Research Extension Center, believes ranchers may be able to make more money if they heed the results of research into what makes a cow profitable.

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18 expectations of a profitable ranch manager

18 expectations of a profitable ranch manager

Burke Teichert

Beef Magazine

Along with seeking counsel from carefully chosen mentors, aspiring managers need to be somewhat self-directing in their life-long learning pursuits to get the breadth of skills and understanding necessary to be a fully competent manager. For those who do, there is tremendous opportunity in the world of farm and ranch management for those with strong intellect, work ethic and a passion for the business.

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The Mystery and Magic of Minerals

The Mystery and Magic of Minerals

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin

Mineral deficiencies and antagonisms play a role in reproductive performance. Cattle need and want salt. A cow brute will seek and consume the salt needed to satisfy her craving. However, she does not possess the same “nutritional wisdom” regarding other minerals she needs in her diet, according to University of Florida animal scientist John Arthington.

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