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Estimate Corn on the Ground Prior to Grazing Cornstalks

Estimate Corn on the Ground Prior to Grazing Cornstalks

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

An 8-inch ear of corn contains about 0.50 lb equivalent of shelled corn grain; therefore, 112 8-inch ears would equal 1 bushel (1 bushel = 56 pounds). By counting the number of ears, the amount of corn can be estimated.

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The Definition of Insanity

The Definition of Insanity

John F. Grimes

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The beef industry has experienced a significant amount of economic volatility throughout the current decade. Much of this volatility is the result of large weather pattern swings ranging from extreme drought to excessive moisture levels. These starkly different weather trends have resulted in wild swings in grain and forage supplies and prices. As a result, the nation’s beef cowherd has seen significant change.

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SDSU Extension hosts Beginning Farmer & Rancher Symposium

SDSU Extension hosts Beginning Farmer & Rancher Symposium

The Cattle Business Weekly

Transitioning back to the farm or ranch is the focus of the keynote speaker. Dr. Shannon Ferrell from Oklahoma State University will present, Having “The Talk” With Mom and Dad: Transition Strategies for Beginning Farmers.  “With many of the next generation thinking about returning to the family operation, there are a lot of questions that need to be asked and answered to make the transition occur,” said Heather Gessner, SDSU Extension Livestock Business Management Field Specialist.

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Beef in Winter Options and Preparation

Beef in Winter Options and Preparation

Tamara Scully

Farming Magazine

Winter in the Northeast is bound to be cold, with snow or freezing rain, no matter where your farm is located. But some areas experience substantially more precipitation, snowfall and colder temperatures than others. No matter where or how cattle are kept in the winter, they need to be able to eat enough to produce the energy needed to stay warm and healthy and they need to be kept dry. It’s not the cold or even the snow cover that negatively impacts healthy cows: it’s the moisture, mud and wind. Although cattle with adequate body condition can handle cold weather, getting wet, experiencing a wind chill or standing in mud are detrimental to even the hardiest cows. But these factors can be handled successfully in many beef management systems.

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Stockmanship Philosophies

Stockmanship Philosophies

Curt Pate

My life has been a life learning about livestock from cattleman, cowboys, cow buyers,rodeo stock contractors, rodeo coaches, rodeo cowboys,butchers, hog farmers, sheep herders, sheep farmers,dairy farmers, auction market operators, plus more I can’t remember. This was all before I was thirty years old. I not only learned about livestock, but also about all kinds of different styles of management of many types of agricultural operations.

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Building and Selecting Replacement Heifers

Building and Selecting Replacement Heifers

Keith Martin


For cow calf producers that sell their calves at weaning, reproductive performance has five times more impact than growth and ten times more impact than carcass traits on the profitability of their enterprise. Therefore, building and selecting replacement females which have superior reproductive traits has a huge impact on the economic viability of a cow calf operation.

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Cattle Trails Cow-Calf Conference set Dec. 1 in Wichita Falls

Cattle Trails Cow-Calf Conference set Dec. 1 in Wichita Falls

Kay Ledbetter

North Texas E-News

The annual Cattle Trails Cow-Calf Conference – Driving Your Cattle to Profit is set for Dec. 1 at the Region 9 Education Service Center, 301 Texas-11 Loop, Wichita Falls. The conference is a joint effort between the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

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