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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Right Tool For The Job

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Right Tool For The Job

Clark owned a small dairy farm in Delaware.  Thinking to add to his larder, he bought a black steer at Dill’s auction down the road to fatten a beef for the family.

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Right Body Score Equals Best Reproduction Rates

Right Body Score Equals Best Reproduction Rates

Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer

Keeping cows on a 365-day calving schedule takes more than a good bull. It requires good body condition. Standards for scoring body condition go back years and are well-defined. “This is an easy tool to pick up, and there are detailed descriptions available,” says Lisa Kriese-Anderson, Extension beef specialist at Auburn University.

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USDA Cutbacks Include Decommissioning Brucellosis Studies

USDA Cutbacks Include Decommissioning Brucellosis Studies

Traci Eatherton

Tri State LivestockNews

The research is important, especially for producers in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The National Assembly of State Animal Health Officials (NASAHO), has weighed in on the value of the research, calling USDA’s plan deeply troubling. Findings from prior research efforts have directly affected decisions relating to management of brucellosis, according to NASAHO president and veterinarian, Susan, Keller.

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EPDs: Forget The Numbers

EPDs: Forget The Numbers

Michael Baker

Farming Magazine

It seems logical that the discussion of bull selection would occur closer to breeding season. However, semen catalogs start hitting the mailbox after the first of the year, so I wanted to get a head start on helping you work through all those numbers. What follows is a simple way to make sense of EPDs (expected progeny differences) and how to apply them.

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Marketing… don’t forget your cull cows

Marketing… don’t forget your cull cows

Bill Halfman

University of Wisconsin

Fall is that time of year when cow calf producers are gathering in the calf crops, weaning, vaccinating, and pregnancy checking cows.  It should also be a time when marketing strategies and plans are determined.   This means taking some thoughtful time and looking at the options that are available and making a decisions based on the best market and time frame for the operation, not necessarily the most convenient.

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Comparing 2 Development Systems for March and May-born Heifers

Comparing 2 Development Systems for March and May-born Heifers

Shelby Springman and Rick Funston

University of Nebraska

Producing replacements in a beef herd is a critical and expensive enterprise for producers, making more economical heifer development methods needed. Traditional recommendations suggest heifers weigh 65% of mature weight at breeding to maximize pregnancy rates. Lowering target weight at breeding allows heifers to be developed on a lower rate of gain, reducing feed inputs and costs.

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Measuring Sustainable Beef Production

Measuring Sustainable Beef Production

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

The term “sustainability” means different things to different people, so before we can make sustainability claims, or demonstrate progress toward sustainability goals, we need objective measurements.

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