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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 indications a farmer has anger management issues

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 indications a farmer has anger management issues


  1. The implement dealership salesman gives him a competitor’s business card.

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Setting up for Strip Grazing Your Stockpiled Forage

Setting up for Strip Grazing Your Stockpiled Forage

Steve Freeman

On Pasture

The difference between strip grazing and just making small paddocks is the lack of a back fence. Strip grazing is done when the forages are dormant, and the cattle are allowed to go back over what they have grazed. If done when the forages are growing, the livestock would begin grazing the re-growth and do damage to the plants.

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What is the Integrity Beef Sustainability Pilot Project?

What is the Integrity Beef Sustainability Pilot Project?

Anne Burkholder

Feedyard Foodie

It is no secret that the beef life cycle is complex and often involves many partners across the production chain. From the rancher who owns and manages the breeding herd — to the feed yard that cares for the cattle for the final few months — to the packing plant and then finally the retail distributor that brings the beef to your dinner table; all of these groups of people must find a way to come together to make a beef product that is marked by integrity.

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CAB seeks paint worthy nominees for 40th anniversary

CAB seeks paint worthy nominees for 40th anniversary

Nicole Lane

The Fence Post

To commemorate 40 years, the world’s largest and most successful brand of beef will paint that logo, the most valuable thing it owns, on 40 barns across the United States. Yours could be one of them.

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What’s the future of the TPP?

What’s the future of the TPP?

Josh Wingrove and Maiko Takahashi

American Agriculturist

The push to salvage a Pacific-rim trade pact will come to a head this week as nations diverge on whether it should be preserved, abandoned or renegotiated from scratch after President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the deal.

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Watch for lice as winter sets in

Watch for lice as winter sets in

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

As any rancher who has dealt with a lice outbreak in his herd knows, lice are largely a winter problem. “When lice populations are heavy enough to cause cattle to be visibly scratching, we know that the animals are not performing optimally, whether they are feeder cattle or pregnant cows about to calve and start lactating,” says Russ Daly, Extension Veterinarian with South Dakota State University.

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How Many Heifers Should You Keep?

How Many Heifers Should You Keep?

Glenn Selk


Each year commercial cow/calf operations must decide how many replacement heifers are grown out to be put in the breeding pasture. Individual ranches must make the decisions about heifer retention based upon factors that directly affect their bottom-line. Stocking rates may have changed over time due to increases in cow size. Droughts have caused herd sizes to fluctuate over time.

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