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Baxter Black, DVM: Thanksgiving

Baxter Black, DVM: Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S.A. Canada had theirs in October. Good neighbors, we are. It is something both countries can be thankful for. Either one of us could have moved in, only to find North Korea or Syria lived next door.

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Roofs for Cows

Roofs for Cows

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Some Midwestern corn and soybean producers may want to get into the cattle business, but with land still averaging more than $8,000 an acre, it’s impossible to pencil in a profit using traditional methods. Jeff Morse, Council Bluffs, Iowa, did that math a few years back, and he couldn’t make it work.

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Kansas State University meat scientists verify benefits of Omega 3 feeding regimen

Kansas State University meat scientists verify benefits of Omega 3 feeding regimen

High Plains Journal

Meat scientists at the university are reporting results of a study that indicates that Omega 3 enriched meat maintains its flavor, tenderness and shelf life just as well as meat that is not enriched with the beneficial fatty acid.

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Evaluating Feed and Feeding Cost

Evaluating Feed and Feeding Cost


In many areas, the cow calf producer is about to enter the more expensive time of the production cycle for feeding the cow herd; hay feeding season. Pasture cost is the biggest expense for most operations, but the cow does the harvesting and the pasture payment often is not an out-of-pocket item that hits the check book all at once.

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Couple brings family farm into 21st century

Couple brings family farm into 21st century

Dean Seal

The Daily Progress

It’s a fourth-generation family farm on the border of Orange and Madison. We raise Angus cattle and also pigs for our direct-marketed meat business. Currently, we have a store on our farm that we sell retail, direct to consumers. We also have an online store set up to where we can ship meat via UPS.

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Ranchers must clear the air of production falsehoods

Ranchers must clear the air of production falsehoods

David Cooper

Progressive Cattleman

When critics of livestock agriculture take aim at the beef industry and its impact on the environment, cattlemen can’t afford to run, hide or sit idle. Dr. Frank Mitloehner, professor and air quality specialist in cooperative extension at the University of California – Davis, knows firsthand how scientific data has been manipulated to demonize livestock agriculture.

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A nationwide vegan diet would be a public health disaster

A nationwide vegan diet would be a public health disaster

Chase Purdy

Quartz Media

Switching to the vegan dream would be a nutritional nightmare for Americans. That’s according to new research published this week by the US National Academy of Sciences that poses big questions about how the US agricultural sector can be changed and improved in the future, to mitigate climate change without causing deleterious effects on the population’s overall health. The bottom line: going 100% vegan would be catastrophic.

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2017 spring-born calves: Production, marketing options for ranchers

2017 spring-born calves: Production, marketing options for ranchers

Harlan Hughes

Beef Magazine

Let’s take a look at some marketing alternatives for 2017 calves. To set the stage, consider a recent BEEF magazine survey question on calf marketing. In summary, 36% of survey respondents sold their calves at weaning. The most popular marketing alternative was backgrounding the calves post-weaning, at 50%.

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How to manage lameness in cattle

How to manage lameness in cattle

Katie Jones

Farmers Guardian

“Abrasive surfaces, wild cattle and rough handling often contribute to this problem. The outside of the front toe is the most commonly affected location. Early signs may be difficult to spot with only a mild lameness and short stride at walk. If treated at this stage, recovery may be rapid.”

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US Beef Claims Half of Korean Import Market

US Beef Claims Half of Korean Import Market

The Cattle Site

According to The Korea Herald, from January to October this year, US beef imports hit $989 million, making up 50.7 per cent of the country’s beef import market, marking the first time it has exceeded 50 per cent after hitting a record-high 75.9 per cent in 2003.

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