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Pinkeye in cattle costly

Pinkeye in cattle costly

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri-State Livestock News

Pinkeye costs stockman thousands of dollars every year due to poor weight gains in affected animals, drop in milk production, cost of drugs and labor in treating infections, prices docked at sale time because of eye damage or blindness.

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Genomic Enhanced EPDs

Genomic Enhanced EPDs

Sally Northcutt

Angus Journal

Genomic results are a way to enhance predictability of current selection tools; to achieve more accuracy on expected progeny differences (EPDs) for younger animals; and to characterize genetics for traits for which it is difficult to measure the animal’s own performance for the trait, such as carcass traits in breeding stock or maternal traits in bulls.

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Cull Cows Help Fund the New Cow-Calf Facility

Cull Cows Help Fund the New Cow-Calf Facility


Send a Cow to College campaign will kick-off July 31 when the first donor cow will be sold at the Mitchell Livestock Auction Market in Mitchell. Proceeds from this campaign go to fund the new South Dakota State University Cow-Calf Education and Research Facility.

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Bale Silage

Bale Silage

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Bale silage involves the preservation of perennial or annual forage crops. Either round or mid-sized square baling systems can be used to produce bale silage.

The key is that the baler needs to produce a dense bale. Soft-core bales are not as effective for making bale silage. Because the forage crop is baled, the silage is maintained as a long fibre forage source.

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Is city life safer than rural life?

Is city life safer than rural life?

Angela Bowman


Are you really safer in the country than in the city?

According to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, that answer is a resounding “no.”

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Red Angus’ release of 50K proves a game changer

Red Angus’ release of 50K proves a game changer

Want to further increase accuracy of your selection decisions? Producers can now do so with an investment in Red Angus’ new genetic merit test – RA50K. The new genomic data test delivers even more reliable genetic predictions to stakeholders as they pursue profitable production goals.

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Feeder Cattle Outlook- Dr. Derrell Peel

Feeder Cattle Outlook- Dr. Derrell Peel

Oklahoma Farm Report

Feeder cattle supplies are likely to be tighter in the remaining months of 2013- and that should help support prices for both calves and yearlings- so says Extension Livestock Market Economist Dr. Derrell Peel of Oklahoma State University.

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Vaccinate for blackleg in cattle

Vaccinate for blackleg in cattle

Mark Keaton

Baxter Bulletin

With the dry conditions that cattlemen are dealing with, ranchers need to be aware of blackleg. There were two confirmed cattle deaths last week from blackleg — one in Lonoke County and the other in Sebastian County.

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Watch bulls before, during breeding season

Watch bulls before, during breeding season

In Forum

"The importance of pre-breeding bull management often is highlighted as a means to prepare for a successful breeding season," says Carl Dahlen, North Dakota State University Extension Service beef cattle specialist.

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