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The Death of Conventional wisdom

The Death of Conventional wisdom

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

As cattle Breeders, calf pullers, grazers, stockers, growers and finishers, we are armed with an impressive arsenal. We seed and fertilize and some of you spray and mow and plow and burn.  Though we don’t practice it, some producers also vaccinate, drench, implant and supplement their cattle too.

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University study shows heightened risk for livestock workers

University study shows heightened risk for livestock workers

Brett Wessler

Bovine Veterinarian

A new study on livestock production and drug resistance released Tuesday by the journal PLOS ONE supports findings from earlier studies in Iowa showing greater risk for employees around antibiotics.

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Fitting & Showing: Training your heifer for the showring

Fitting & Showing: Training your heifer for the showring

Leanna Leverich

Farm & Ranch Guide

After selecting the proper animal to show, begin preparing your animal for the ring. This can get tricky when it comes to training your animal but by following all the basic steps, having a well prepared heifer is achievable.

Start by halter training the animal. The halter training process should be a good time to create a relationship with the animal.

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7 Heifer Development Tips

7 Heifer Development Tips

Burt Rutherford


If there’s a truism that cow-calf producers can take to the bank, it’s this: If a heifer calves early as a yearling, she’s set up for a long and successful stint as an early-calver in the cowherd.

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Farmers Could Improve Air Quality by Using Hormones

Farmers Could Improve Air Quality by Using Hormones

Science Daily

According to a new article in Animal Frontiers, biotechnologies increase food production and reduce harmful gas output from cattle.

"We are increasing the amount of product with same input," said Clayton Neumeier, PhD student at University of California, Davis, in an interview.

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COOL revisions could slip into farm bill deal

COOL revisions could slip into farm bill deal

The Western Producer

Negotiations around the United States farm bill could provide a chance for Canadian livestock producers to seek changes to American country of origin labelling.

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A good year is more than half over

A good year is more than half over

Jack Dillard

Shreveport Times

The question yet to be answered is where the beef business is going. The way we manage our cattle is changing, genetics continue to improve, forage continues to produce more and quality of improved pastures is excellent.

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