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Baxter Black, DVM:  Dumb But Useful

Baxter Black, DVM:  Dumb But Useful

The pastor was making a point Sunday morning. He said, “Even God’s dumbest creatures can be useful.”

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Test Forages to Meet Cattle Needs and Control Costs

Test Forages to Meet Cattle Needs and Control Costs

The Stock Exchange

Cool temperatures as we have experienced this spring generally delay maturity and maintain forage quality for an extended period of time, but the frequent rainfall has delayed harvest and has lead to a situation now of compromised forage quality.

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Bump Up Breedback With Early Weaning

Bump Up Breedback With Early Weaning

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

Frank Perry discovered three good reasons to wean calves early. It reduces feed costs, improves breedback in his cow herd and gives him uniform groups of healthy, marketable calves.

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Career cattle rustler likely part of a group

Career cattle rustler likely part of a group

Brett Wessler


The cattle thief caught in southwest Missouri last week is presumed to be just one link of a large crime circle that has struck several cattle producers in the area.

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How hot is too hot?

How hot is too hot?

Dave Sparks


All good stockmen are aware that heat stress can be a problem in livestock as the summer heats up, but not all are aware that other factors can enter the equation besides the thermometer reading.

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Watch for ergot in forages

Watch for ergot in forages

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Weather conditions across much of the Midwest this spring and summer have been favorable for development of ergot fungus in pastures, according to specialists at Iowa State University.

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Promoting Beef Demand Despite Fewer Checkoff Dollars

Promoting Beef Demand Despite Fewer Checkoff Dollars

Andy Vance

Beef Producer

Checkoff assessments have been on a fairly steady trend downward from a peak in 2000, and will fall roughly 5.6% in FY2014, according to the most recent budget approved by CBB.

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