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Baxter Black, DVM:  Dealing with Climate Change

Baxter Black, DVM:  Dealing with Climate Change

It’s always perplexing to me to hear visitors to Arizona in July remark, “Man, it’s really hot here!” Well, duh.

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Modified Live Vaccines Versus Killed Vaccines

Modified Live Vaccines Versus Killed Vaccines

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Consider all the evidence before making a decision about what type of vaccine will work best for your operation.

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Stockpiled Bermudagrass Can Reduce Winter Feed Costs

Stockpiled Bermudagrass Can Reduce Winter Feed Costs

Glenn Selk


Harvested forage costs are a large part of the production costs associated with cow-calf enterprises. A recent Oklahoma State University trial had the objective to economically evaluate stockpiled bermudagrass. The research found that this practice can reduce cow-wintering costs. Forage accumulation during the late summer and fall is variable from year to year depending on moisture, temperatures, date of first frost and fertility.

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Cattlemen Convene at Diamond Anniversary Convention

Cattlemen Convene at Diamond Anniversary Convention

The Red Angus Association of America

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) will host its 60th Annual National Convention Sept. 11-13 in Lewistown, Mont. This year’s convention – themed “Diamonds in the Big Sky” – will be held at the Yogo Inn with a separate Commercial Cattlemen’s Symposium taking place at the Fergus County Fairgrounds. Post-convention events are scheduled for Sept. 14.

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First Look at Fall Grazing Prospects

First Look at Fall Grazing Prospects

Derrell S. Peel


Most of Oklahoma has received some rain in the past 10 days with virtually all parts of the state having received moisture the past 30 days. Some critically dry areas remain in the western counties and the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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NCBA Research Targets Education Message to Millennial Generation

NCBA Research Targets Education Message to Millennial Generation

Oklahoma Farm Report
“If we look at some of our recent research it would suggest, when you look at all of agriculture, 49 percent of consumers feel that conventional agriculture is headed down the wrong track. So, as we look at how we build trust with today’s consumer-especially that of the Millennial Generation-they have a lot of questions about how that-especially in the beef industry-how that beef eating experience is actually produced.

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Can Time-Controlled Grazing Be Done Without Fencing?

Can Time-Controlled Grazing Be Done Without Fencing?

Burke Teichert


July was going to be my last article on grazing for awhile, but I received many emails with questions that I decided to devote another article to the questions in two main categories: Can you implement planned, time-controlled grazing without fencing?

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