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Where’s The Beef?

Where’s The Beef?


Jamestown Post-Journal

As the paradigm of unscrutinized consumer shopping continues to wane, a growing number of families are taking into consideration the environmental, ecological and personal health costs of what they buy at the grocery store, in addition to the monetary costs.

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Operator Fatalities Often Tied to Aggressive Cattle

Operator Fatalities Often Tied to Aggressive Cattle

Claire Vath

Progressive Farmer

Every farmer, rancher or vet has a personal story about a run-in with livestock. Sometimes it seems that busted lips, broken toes, bruised ribs and sprains come with the territory.

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Forage Testing is a Powerful Tool

Forage Testing is a Powerful Tool

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

This is not the first time we’ve discussed forage testing. It won’t be the last. As a beef nutritionist one of my primary tasks in working with producers is to help them realize what resources they have – or maybe don’t have – in producing beef as efficiently and profitably as possible.

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Advantages Of Using Forage Preservatives

Advantages Of Using Forage Preservatives

Karla Hernandez


The efforts to improve the management of forage storage will result in a good return to producer’s investment. Hay, haylage, or silage preservatives will reduce storage losses from molds, bacteria, and fungi especially when the forage is harvested at higher moisture levels.

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Understanding and Reducing Mold Growth in Hay

Understanding and Reducing Mold Growth in Hay

 S. Ray Smith, University of Manitoba

An ideal hay should contain maximum digestible energy and protein to meet the needs of high producing livestock. A number of factors can reduce an ideal hay lot into an average or fair lot. One of the most frustrating factors that results in downgraded hay is mold.

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Dead on arrival

Dead on arrival

Wyatt Bechtel

Bovine Veterinarian

Life and death are things you learn about at an early age growing up on a farm or ranch. Over the weekend I was reminded of the importance of those lessons.

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The fight needs to stop

The fight needs to stop

Western Livestock Journal

This fight has gone on far too long! Not the battles between the cattlemen and HSUS, Sierra Club, PETA, or even chicken producers. No, I mean the fight among cattlemen over mandatory country-of-origin labeling (MCOOL). I have been witness to and part of this “Hatfield and McCoy” feud over the last two decades and can testify it has been a heck of a tussle.

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Fly control for beef cattle

Fly control for beef cattle

Paul Gonzalez


My position allows me to work with a variety of producers. All of them have their own philosophy on how to raise cattle. No matter how different these may be they all ask some of the same questions. One of these is, “What is the best thing for flies?” I have had this question quite a bit this year, as the flies seem to be worse than normal.

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Hopes, concerns aired in wake of Northern Beef Packers bankruptcy

Hopes, concerns aired in wake of Northern Beef Packers bankruptcy

 Jeff Natalie-Lees

Aberdeen News

Proponents of the Northern Beef Packers and government officials are reacting to the news of the plant’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a variety of responses:

 "We were excited to bring them on as a customer," said Alaina Henning, manager of Diamond Vogel Paint in Aberdeen, one of the small businesses in Aberdeen with unpaid bills from the beef plant. The store filed a lien against the plant for $2,819 on May 3.

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Cattle producer’s mini panda cow is the “Brad Pitt of cattle”

Cattle producer’s mini panda cow is the “Brad Pitt of cattle”

Brett Wessler


After seven years breeding miniature cattle alongside his beef cattle, John Bartheld hit the jackpot.

The new member of the herd is Peanut, a Panda minicow belonging to an exclusive group of only 40 members worldwide.

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Pink eye season and cattle

Pink eye season and cattle

Carl Stafford

Culpeper Star Exponent

Pink eye season is here and there are preventative measures and treatments to help beef producers avoid the economic impact the disease can have on cattle.

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