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Noted Tennessee Educator, Gelbvieh Leader, John Bartee, Sr. Passes

Noted Tennessee Educator, Gelbvieh Leader, John Bartee, Sr. Passes

Editors Note: John was a friend, mentor and model of leadership to many including this editor, he will be sorely missed by the livestock community.

John Dilday Bartee, Sr., 74, of Clarksville, TN, died on Sunday, July 7, 2013

John was the University of Tennessee Extension Director for Montgomery County. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Murray State University and his Master’s of Science Degree from the University of Arkansas. He received the University of Tennessee B. Ray Thompson Faculty Award in 2012. He was the Former President of the National Gelbvieh Association. He was inducted into the American Gelbvieh Hall of Fame in 2011.

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Cattle need plenty of clean water

Cattle need plenty of clean water

Kable Thurlow

Michigan State University

While we are not currently in the drought that much of our western counterparts are experiencing, all of us remember how hot and dry last summer was. These hot and dry conditions make all of us think about how precious water can be, especially to our livestock.

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Genetic tools to address environment; cow herd efficiency

Genetic tools to address environment; cow herd efficiency

Troy Smith

The Cattle Business Weekly

In recent years, weaned calf prices have reached record levels. But the prices cattle producers pay for many production inputs also have increased dramatically. That’s particularly true for grazed forages, which historically have been a least-cost feed resource. Certainly, commercial cow-calf producers must be cost-conscious in order to maintain profitability, let alone improve it.

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Handling Facilities Cut Stress

Handling Facilities Cut Stress

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

When it’s time to rework corrals, try to avoid chutes with overly wide lanes, and fit chute size and weight to cattle size.

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Tonsor Convinced Beef Demand Getting Stronger

Tonsor Convinced Beef Demand Getting Stronger

Oklahoma Farm Report

Tonsor Convinced Beef Demand Getting Stronger After a long stretch of rather sluggish domestic demand for beef, there are signs that demand is picking up. So says Kansas State livestock economist Gylnn Tonsor, who points out that improvement in the general economy has a lot to do with this rebound.

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Livestock Haulers Gain Exemption for DOT Rest Break Rule

Livestock Haulers Gain Exemption for DOT Rest Break Rule

Beef Producer

Effective July 1, the rule from DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires truck drivers to take a 30-minute rest break for every 8 consecutive hours of service. For drivers hauling livestock, the hours of service would include time loading and unloading animals.

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Which Bull Will Make You More Money?

Which Bull Will Make You More Money?

Burt Rutherford       


Some bulls sire calves that perform in the feedyard and the rail, and some bulls sire calves that perform on the scale. Knowing which is which can make you more money.

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New Method To Age Cattle From Their Teeth

New Method To Age Cattle From Their Teeth

Stackyard (UK)

Ageing animals from their teeth goes back to the time that man first started keeping animals. New research has applied modern statistical techniques to investigate the association between the stages of dentition in cattle and their age to give a more detailed explanation of the differences between the sexes and various breeds of cattle in the UK.

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Increasing Summer Productivity in Cool-Season Pastures

Increasing Summer Productivity in Cool-Season Pastures

Tracy Turner


Despite the sun, excessive heat and fewer rains typically associated with Ohio summers, producers can take steps to increase summertime productivity in pastures composed of grasses that grow best in cooler conditions, said a forage expert from Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

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Protecting cattle from the summer heat

Protecting cattle from the summer heat


Garden City Telegram

With plenty of summer left to go, soaring temperatures and humidity can take a toll on cattle, resulting in everything from reduced rates of gain to death loss.

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