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Sale Barn Price Boosters

Sale Barn Price Boosters

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

The day a calf is born, Lin Jones is already creating a marketing plan for it. If that new calf is male, Step 1 of marketing is banding.

Jones, whose family cattle operation is in New Canton, Va., said the way he sees it, a package of 100 castration bands costs $2. So for 2 cents each and five minutes of his time, the producer increases the value of each male calf by $30.

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How do you sell your calves for what they are worth?

How do you sell your calves for what they are worth?

Ginette Kurtz

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Think about how you make buying decisions. Let’s use your pickup as an example. Do you study Consumer Reports, obtain CarFax information or read the Kelly Blue Book? There is as much or as little information available as you want to obtain on your potential purchase.

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Take the mystery out of mineral nutrition

Take the mystery out of mineral nutrition

Glenn Selk


Without a doubt, one of the most confusing aspects of beef cow management has got to be vitamin and mineral nutrition.  Proper mineral and vitamin nutrition contributes to strong immune systems, reproductive performance, and calf weight gain.

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Beef conference is opportunity to engage in policy process

Beef conference is opportunity to engage in policy process


If cattle producers want a seat at the table and involvement in shaping the future of the beef industry, then Denver is the place to be Aug. 7-10 for the Cattle Industry Summer Conference.

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Texarkana Stockyard reopens after 13 years

Texarkana Stockyard reopens after 13 years


Sacremento Bee

After being closed for 13 years, the Texarkana Stockyard is beefing back up again for cattle and livestock trade.

The stockyard reopened June 14 and is teeming with the familiar back-and-forth between auctioneers and bidders

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Cattlemen fight new rules for beef

Cattlemen fight new rules for beef

Rob Hotakainen

Fort Worth Star Telegram

After surviving years of drought and watching the size of the U.S. cattle herd fall to its lowest level in more than 60 years, Bob McCan, a fifth-generation rancher from Victoria, would just as soon steer clear of the U.S. government’s latest meat-labeling rules.

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Coyotes plague livestock producers statewide

Coyotes plague livestock producers statewide

Virginia Farm Bureau

Clinton Bell, a Tazewell County cattle and sheep producer has had problems with coyotes since the 1980s. “One year we lost 25 lambs to coyotes. Since the first of this year, I’ve lost one ewe and half a dozen lambs,” Bell said earlier this summer.

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Northern SD beef plant files bankruptcy protection

Northern SD beef plant files bankruptcy protection

The News Tribune

An attorney for Northern Beef Packers in the northern South Dakota city of Aberdeen says the company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

"We’re optimistic and hopeful that the people operating the beef plant will find a way to make that function," Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen said.

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Hay Demand Strong In Northwestern U.S.

Hay Demand Strong In Northwestern U.S.

Hay and Forage Grower

Pacific Northwestern (PNW) hay growers catering to beef-cattle operations in the western U.S. could find good marketing opportunities over the next several months, according to a June 30 Hay Market Snapshot Report from Northwest Farm Credit Services.

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4 Beef Cattle Stories In The News This Week

4 Beef Cattle Stories In The News This Week

Keeping an eye on industry trends, I’ve rounded up four odd, inspiring, troubling and interesting media headlines related to the beef cattle industry. From cattle rustlers, to cattle brands, here are four media headlines you might be like to read.

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