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25th Anniversary of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society

25th Anniversary of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society

The Cattle Business Weekly

BueLingo Beef Cattle are a young breed of beef cattle originating in North Dakota. The BueLingo is a composite breed. The distinctive belt is largely derived from the Dutch Belt dairy cattle but genetics also include Angus, Limousin and Shorthorn cattle.

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BeefTalk: Positive Outcomes of May Calving in N.D.

BeefTalk: Positive Outcomes of May Calving in N.D.

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Is $300 worth discussing during coffee? Some time ago, the Dickinson Research Extension Center decided change was needed. Perhaps it was the weather, perhaps it was the industry or perhaps it simply was a need to search new paths because of the constant evolution of people and their desires. Whatever the reason, the center changed.

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Cattle confirmed deaths due to blackleg

Cattle confirmed deaths due to blackleg

University of Arkansas

A bacterial infection that often occurs during drought has claimed cattle in herds in Lonoke and Sebastian counties, Tom Troxel, associate head-Animal Science for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, said Thursday.

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Plum Thicket Farms uses creativity to thrive.

Plum Thicket Farms uses creativity to thrive.

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Kelsey Haley thinks the people back home missed an opportunity. In the part of Minnesota where she grew up, agriculture is very oriented toward row crops. There is plenty of winter feed, in the form of cornstalks and other crop residues, but there is a scarcity of beef cattle. It makes her wonder why cows aren’t grazing the available residues.

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Is that corn worth more as silage or grain?

Is that corn worth more as silage or grain?


Ongoing drought conditions in Nebraska have continued to support hay and forage prices. While eastern parts of the state had a good first cutting of hay, areas further west haven’t fared so well. Sandhills meadows will likely on average have more production than last year, but yields will still be below long term averages.

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AgCenter agents learn cattle market dynamics

AgCenter agents learn cattle market dynamics

Bruce Schultz

Delta Farm Press

LSU AgCenter extension agents recently gained a better understanding of the cattle market using a computer simulator that replicates selling cattle at the feedlot.

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BRD vs. endotoxins: How to tell the difference

BRD vs. endotoxins: How to tell the difference

Bovine Veterinarian

How can you tell the difference between bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and endotoxins? Well, you can’t. With similar side effects, endotoxin events may be more widespread than anyone knows.

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Small-Animal Vets Are From Venus, Equine Vets From Mars

Small-Animal Vets Are From Venus, Equine Vets From Mars

Steve McDonald

Beef Producer

To entertain myself driving down the road, I think of the three great races of veterinarians; how they differ and how they are similar.

I think of this comparison in reference to a recent book of some fame: Small animal vets are from Venus. Equine vets are from Mars. Mixed animal vets are from Pluto.

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University of Missouri releases app to monitor effects of heat on cattle

University of Missouri releases app to monitor effects of heat on cattle

Jessica Thomas

Wichita Business Journal

Don Spiers, a professor in the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, has developed a smartphone app that could help farmers reduce their losses during the hot summer months.

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Keep cattle hydrated, experts warn

Keep cattle hydrated, experts warn

Donelle Eller

Des Moines Register

High temperatures and humidity over the next couple of days could create dangerous conditions for Iowa cattle, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association warned.

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